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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Question Tag

Author: Danielle Crowder

Category: Opinion

These are my answers to The Ultimate Question Tag for Dragon Ball Z

Recently my favorite YouTuber Rhymestyle who does videos for the Dragon Ball series, and he recently did video answering 21 questions about the series. If you guys if want to that then I'll put the link here so you can check it out, and also check out his others videos to so go check out his channel and subscribe.

So let's get started.

1. Who is favorite character and why.
That would be Mirai Trunks, and the reason why is, because when we first saw Mirai Trunks we didn't know anything about him he was a complete mystery to us, and we had no idea that he was a Saiyan, and when we saw him transform into Super Saiyan it took by surprise, and the fact that he just totally freaking awesome when he took down Frieza, and King Cold. Not only that, but his backstory is so tragic.

2. Who is your favorite villain, and why?
Frieza definitely, and because he's freaking epic as heck that's why.

3. What is your favorite quote or statement?
I don't really have one actually.

4. Who is you favorite female character?
Vados, it used to 18, but after seeing Vados I definitely like her, and want to know more about her.

5. What is your favorite fight?
Oh man! This one's a hard one, because there have been so many fights in the series, but I think I would have to go with the fight against Vegito and Super Buu, 

6. What is your favorite episode?
Now I don't remember the episode title for this, but it was a filler episode in the Android saga. It was the episode where Goku and Piccolo have to go and get their drivers license, because Chi Chi wants a car I think that's why, but anyway it was a fun episode and what turned into them getting their license it turns into a full out race between Goku and Piccolo.

7. What is your favorite Dragon Ball song?
Although I love the intros, and ending, but my favorite song would have to be Frieza's theme it is flipping awesome with the awesome. 

8. What's your favorite movie or special?
My favorite movie is Wrath of The Dragon, and my favorite special is its a tie between History of Trunks and Episode of Bardocj.

9. What is your favorite race in Dragon Ball?
I would have to say Namekians.

10.  What's your favorite Dragon Ball video game?

11. If you were in the Dragon Ball world who would you train with? 
Either Vegeta or Piccolo.

12. What is the saddest Dragon Ball moment?
Seeing the earth being destroyed by Frieza It was much darker than it was in the movie, and I teared up.

13. What is the most shocking moment?
Seeing Goku going Super Saiyan the first time 

14. What is the funniest moment in Dragon Ball? and who is the funniest character?
When we first meet Yajirobi, Krillan

15. What is the most memorable moment?
When we first see the Eternal dragon for the first time

16. How do you prefer to watch Dragon Ball?
It doesn't matter

17. What is something that no other Dragon Ball fan has that you have?
I don't have anything like that.

18. What fake transformation, fusion, or character do you like the most?

19. What is the #1 thing you love about Dragon Ball?
The character development after watching Dragon Ball, and seeing how the characters have grown.

20. What is the #1 thing you hate about Dragon Ball?
The inconstant inconsistencies.

21. Where does the Dragon Ball series rank in your all favorite anime series?
It's not my number one pick, but it's in my top 10

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