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My Top Nintendo Series That I Want To Be Turned Into Anime

Author: Danielle Crowder

Category: Opinion

These are my thoughts on what Nintendo video game franchise would work best as an anime.

Nintendo - Anime

In a previous announcement President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima talked about some of his future plans for 2016. Those including getting Nintendo back to really good profits, specifically 100 million yen (85 million US dollars) over the next several years, surprising fans with new ideas, and more discussion on the NX this year, more details about Miitomo, and future plans for future smartphone games.

But main point in that announcement was that Nintendo wishes to license its characters through movies, theme parks, and anime. That's right anime. Which is very exciting to hear, because I already knew that they were going to do so with movies, and theme parks due to the announcement of the future Universal Orlando theme park.

But one things I'm curious about is which series will they turn into anime first, and so in this discussion I'll be talking which Nintendo franchise would work as anime, and how it would work.

1. The Legend of Zelda

This is a series that I think has been long overdue for a anime, because the only thing we have for to show is that crappy piece of garbage from the 80's which was horrible, and I think it's finally time they did something new. Not only that, but ever since I seen the art style for Ocarina of Time every single art style since then has a very anime look, and ever since then I have wanted at an English sub for the game, because when I sit and read the dialogue it's pretty much feels like watching an English sub, now don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind English dub either, problem with that is matching the right voice with the characters and bringing life to the characters, because they are very beloved characters as well. Now Link doesn't have to voiced he can just be silent, because there a whole bunch of strong silent type characters in the world of anime. Then of course is what do you use as content. Well they can go either way with this they can either retell the games, or they can do something new original. I actually hope it is a mix of both that way not only are bringing in new to the series, but appealing to older fans of the series, and I hope that they explore some of the lore of the series.

2. Kid Icarus

This is one is a pretty obvious choice especially due to characters pretty much are already anime characters, and of course we had those pretty cool anime shorts released back on Nintendo's video channel, but I'm not sure how it would work, because I'm not a huge fan of the series so I would like to see how it turns out.

3. Fire Emblem 

Now Fire Emblem is also another obvious choice, due to the fact that it pretty much is an anime, which is why I loved Fire Emblem Awakening, and will love Fates, because it feels like I'm actually in an anime. Not only that Fire Emblem has many great characters within the series, and could use anyone of the games as content or build off of it and go more into depth into the characters.

4. Splatoon

Now this is a game I'm on the fence on. I haven't really played it, but from what I'm seen it's an interesting concept, and I kinda curious as to how Nintendo will handle this. I'm hoping it will be a sports anime with a slice of life, because I think this would be a good sports anime. Now how it will be written I don't know it will be interesting as to how Nintendo handles this.

5. Pikimin

Now this be better as a shorts series than a full anime, and the reason why is because of what Miyamoto has done with the Pikimin shorts released on the Nintendo video channel. I really enjoyed them, and would like little shorts for Pikimin, because they were nice little minutes of content that I enjoyed pretty well, and hope there will be more in the future.

6. Mario

Now the series could be done it very multiple ways it could either be based off Paper Mario, Sunshine or Galaxy, or could be sports anime featuring one of the many sports based games such as Mario Kart/Mario Sports Mix/Mario Sluggers/Mario 3 on 3 Hoops/Mario Strikers/Mario Tennis. Each one those would make a great series. So it depends on what Nintendo will do.

7. Animal Crossing

This one I believe would work best as a slice of life anime with so many villagers within the series it would very interesting to see their character dynamics portrayed in the game such as iconic characters such as Isabelle, Tom Nook, KK Slider, and etc.

8. Mega Man

Now I know already that Mega Man already had its anime series, but as someone who is not familiar with the old anime, and the series in general would benefit from a new series and bring in new fans to the series, or maybe do a remaster for the old dub something similar like what was done for Sailor Moon recently. But it would be nice to see something for this, and perhaps old fans series would enjoy it too.

9. Metroid 

Like with Mega Man I'm not very familiar with this series, and don't know it very well and I think it would be great to use any of the multiple stories from the games as content especially with its anniversary this year it would be a way to introduce new fans to the series. Now as for what they'll use as content that's up in air, because I have no idea how it will work.

10. Star Fox

This would actually be pretty cool to see. It would make a pretty good mecha anime. It definitely has those mecha anime elements and would work well for the series.

11. Kirby

Now I don't care who does this, but I want a remaster of the Kirby Right Back At Ya anime series, because there were so many episodes I missed back in the day, and during the time it was aired on 4kids it was during the time when DVR's first started out, and if you missed it, or it didn't record you wouldn't be able to watch it. I was only able to watch some of the episodes for the series, and the movie. So I would loved it if there was a remaster or a redub for it. Or they could do something entirely new, because Kirby is great as an anime I throughly enjoyed the old 4kids series, and the two shorts on Nintendo's video channel that would be great.

12. Super Smash Bros.

This is something I have been wanting for a long time. One of things I enjoyed from brawl was the adventure mode. It gave it its own story and weaved it so well it's one of things I enjoyed in brawl and was disappointed that we didn't get that in the new smash bros. game. Now if they could do that in brawl imagine how they could do that for an anime. Creating an original story featuring the multitude of characters from the many different games, and also this is a bit of a pipe dream but I am hoping that Madhouse the animators of One Punch Man do this, because it look absolutely beautiful.

So those are my thoughts on which Nintendo series should be turned into an anime. 

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