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The Last Dream: Developer's Edition

is a casual adventure game which, despite having some classic casual elements, will also offer a greater challenge for more experienced gamers. read more

The Last Dream: Developer's Edition Game Review

Author: SearcGaming

Category: Review

This game is not for FPS lovers. It's a core puzzle based adventure where you need to think a lot on every screen you play. If you like puzzles or legendary Myst then this could be your cup of tea.

The Last Dream is a puzzle based, adventure, slide show styled game, very similar to games such as Myst, and seemingly just as deep and rich in story. Developed by Specialbit Studio, it was released to Steam on December 3, 2015 and currently has both a demo and a full purchase price of $10.99.

The Last Dream Game Logo

But what do I mean by a puzzle based, adventure, slide show game? Well, for those of you not old enough to have played the Myst game series, which originally got flack for its lack of action in a world full of Mario brothers,Sonic, and Samus, this type of game is quite literally nothing but an image, followed by another image, with puzzle after puzzle after puzzle. The player will even have to solve certain puzzles just to beable to solve other puzzles, so they can continue to solve, yup youguessed it, even more puzzles. The Last Dream shares the same pointand click control system and  has a similar inventory system thatallows the player to carry around tools that will be needed to solvepuzzles later, but it does have some differences, other than thestory that is.

The biggest difference,which is presented during the opening stages, is that you get a special mechanic, a companion, more commonly referred to as a cat.The player will quickly find out that there are going to be certain puzzles that are hidden in plain sight that only your companion is capable of solving for you, adding an extra layer to the puzzle solving mystery.

The Last Dream GameplayThe Last Dream Gameplay 2

The Last Dream

The Last Dream Puzzle

The Last Dream also comes with a difficulty setting, 4, actually, to be exact. This difficulty system comes with a hint button that can be turned off, or tuned downso that the player can choose just how much of their own thought process they have to use. If you are like me and want to prove youcan solve every puzzle without any assistance, then you can simplyturn the hints off. But if not, there are three more options fordifficulty that will fit how you want to play this game.

Graphically, The Last Dream is bright, vibrant, and surreal. With gorgeous, and what looks to be,hand painted tiles and images the game is very stimulating visually.And although skippable, the story is told through cinematics that have a more realistic color palette versus the dream settings of the puzzle world but still follow the surrealist vision of the overall game.

The Last Dream ReviewThe Last Dream Review

The Last Dream Puzzle 2

The Last Dream Game Mode

Over all, as brilliant as this game is, it is fairly simple, meaning I don't have much more Ican, or even willing to talk about, at the risk of giving away to many spoilers about the game and its variety of puzzles, this isn't a walk through after all.

So is it worth it? Does a bear poop in the woods? Probably. If you love point and click adventures, or puzzle games, or a surrealist landscape, or just simply looking for a new experience, this game is definitely worth its relatively cheap price tag.

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SCORE: 9/10

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