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You should take a look at: No More Room In Hell

Author: Bechstein

Category: Review

If you haven't already heard of this solid first-person-shooter, now's the chance. To hear about it. Read about it. Is good game.

Zombie-themed first person shooters seem to be a dime a dozen on Steam lately, most of which feature voxel graphics and/or cost $5 for an average or even unfinished game. But "No More Room In Hell", developed by the aptly named "No More Room In Hell Team" and published by "Lever Games" supplies a surprisingly well-balanced and challenging experience, with options and servers for both the casual gamer who wants to mow down zombies, and the hardcore survivalist that wants to ration their bullets. And hey, is free!

A source-based game developed with the Hammer Software Development Kit, up to 8 players must navigate through the dark abandoned ruins of cities, forests, sewers and subway stations. Maps either focus on clearing objectives like unlocking doors and making to the getaway vehicle at the end of the map, or keeping control points clear from the increasing waves of zombies. But unless you're an expert with headshots and making every bullet count, it's not as easy as clicking the mouse. Your ammunition and curative items will be stretched thin throughout the entire map, and those zombies can really sting! In addition to losing health from getting hit, you can get wounded and start bleeding out health, or infected by a grappling bite which will place a death timer on your character. These ailments can be restored with bandages and pills or gene therapy, respectively, but they're even rarer than the kitchen knives I seem to find everywhere. Also, fall damage.

Still sound like a cakewalk? Okay, hot shot, try making your way through all the infested streets of Broadway with four bullets and a sniper rifle, a flimsy little claw hammer, and a tetanus infection that slowly blurs your vision out. All this while the death of any of your allies means one more zombie that's even faster and tougher than all the rest. Still sound easy? Well you must be better at these games than I am. But I still enjoyed it immensely until the hoards and hoards of zombies and hopeless uphill fight began to lose its initial charm. Then I hopped on the "infinite ammo" servers and just had a rip snorting good time ripping the snorts I mean snouts off waves and waves of zombies in an abandoned barnhouse.

Sorry, I got off topic. It's also a very atmospheric game with dramatic lighting, and the ambient music only eases in to key moments facilitate the mood, rather than blasting in like it's an action movie with no sense of subtlety. The player models and voice sets are also amusing both for immersion and for comedy, especially when the gruff afro man constantly barks, "Yes! Yes. Yeah?" in response to the Russian voice spammers and squeakers who show up from time to time.

Dagnab, did it again. Anyway the short of it is: No More Room In Hell is a solid first-person shooter that pits you and your friends against AI-controlled waves of zombies in an attempt to escape or defend yourself, and that's alright by me. Even the weird "zombie dodgeball" maps are pretty neat. And hey, it's free! So even if you don't like it or get bored of it, you only got what you paid for.

SCORE: 7.5/10

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