EA Access Vault for Free?

EA let Xbox Gold members have a free week's worth of access to their Access Vault for players to check out a multitude of games! Check it out for yourself!

EA Vault

Electronic Arts (EA) is performing a Willy Wonka event by opening the doors of their EA Access Vault for free to all Xbox Live Gold members. Starting next week on January 19th, this event will be a six-day event, ending on the 24th.  On a regular basis, EA Access Vault requires a monthly payment of $5, or can be bundled annually at a price of $30.  With EA Access Vault, players also gain early access to games. An example is Star Wars: Battlefront before its initial release date. Also, Xbox Live members can use the EA Access Vault to receive a 10% off discount on all EA purchases on the Xbox One.

            Image titleThis seems to be quite a start for EA at the beginning of the new year.  By giving Xbox Live Gold members free access, players will be able to play older and more current titles to test their interests. For example, to prep themselves for the upcoming release of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (Beta out now!), players can go back to the first game in the series in the Vault.  Want to explore the large, climatic environments of the Star Wars universe? EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront is in the EA Access Vault.  Maybe you want to play EA’s other FPS titles.  Battlefield: Hardline and Battlefield 4 can be found inside the Vault as well. There are many options that players can choose from, and EA’s free Vault week is giving Gold members a chance to cleanse their palettes and gain a new taste of games. 

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