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Sketch Tales

is D.R.A.W.I.N.G. (or Doodling Roleplay Action With Imaginative Nonlinear Gameplay) Sandbox. In other words, it’s an immersive action­RPG sandbox where what you draw... read more

Sketch Tales - update v. 0.151

Author: PumpkinWithSoul

Category: News

As developers from 8D Studio said - Sketch Tales has been progressing really well in the last few months. This original drawing RPG went through many changes since release and now there is a new update.

Of course winter and holiday themed.  The update contains a bunch of cool stuff, like a new Sketchmen Party location, snow terrain, cold effect on the character, magic book, character shield and a lot more fixes and upgrades. 

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This is only experimental testing version, so if you want to try it out, then you must right-click Sketch Tales in the games library, choose Properties and “experimental” in the BETAS section and in the section of LOCAL FILES click on "VERIFY INEGRITY OF GAME CACHE ...". Your version will then update to 0.151. 

List of all news:

• Big new Sketchmen Party location added in the Story mode;
• Block added – now you can block with the right mouse button;
• Shield added – protects under blocking;
• Magic Book added – press C to activate, contains all the player’s scrolls. Collect scrolls by playing through the Stories. Scrolls found can be used in the Sandbox mode;
• Character pick window changed – we simplified it and made more comfortable, background added;
• Autosave zones added in the Sketchmen Party;
• Screen going red effects added when losing HP;
• Snow added;
• Cold effect added – character gets cold, you can warm yourself at bonfire;
• Steps on snow added;
• Loading bar added;
• Weapons hit zone increased;
• World Noise ambient added in the Sketchmen Party;
• New music tracks added;
• Ability to fly disabled in the Story mode;
• UNDO – number of steps increased;
• REDO added – Ctrl+R;
• Description window added in the editor – now each scroll can be given its own description;
• Your Name and Story can now be modified in the Inventory;
• Magic Book icon added to the Inventory;
• Statues added;
• Weapons and Creatures scrolls got various characteristics added;
• New scrolls added – monsters, weapons, items etc.

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Also you can see new video with funniest moments from playing right here:

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Awesome game!


1 year ago by cjclip
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