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The series of Companion Guides will highlight easiest ways to earn highest reputation and the Companion Perk. This guide is about Deacon, the sneaky Railroad member and the biggest bullshitter of all times.

Deacon in his usual disguise

The Companion Perk
Deacon's likes and dislikes
Where to find the sneaky Railroad member
How to earn maximum affinity with Deacon
The Companion Quest


Damn, this guy likes to lie and crap around! I still have mixed feelings about him, despite completing few runs with him as one of the main companions. He is typical stealthy guy. He holds nice and stylish conversations when you travel together, but his story dialogues are just ridiculous. I mean, even for a rogue there is a limit of bullshitting people. It seems like there is none for Deacon!

The Companion Perk

Deacon's Perk is essential to any rogue like run. It boosts the duration of the Stealth Boy. SB is extremely effective at the early stages of the game, when you don't have much points spent in the Sneak Perk. Also, "Cloak&Dagger"(it is the name of the Companion Perk) will increase your sneak attack damage. The buff is 20%. The awesome thing about it is that the bonus is not additive but is multiplicative. For example, if your sneak damage bonus is 4x, it will become 4.8x.
The Cloak & Dagger Perk

Deacon's likes and dislikes

Deacon is fond of everything that is subtle and rogue like. That includes picking locks, hacking and choosing vague (like you are hiding the info or being subtle) answers in the dialogues. Of course, he is fond of Synths. So, any pro Synth decision will grant you some reputation. The "always wearing those glasses" guy also likes subtle quests, especially the one you can receive in the Railroad, about helping Synths that have gone rogue.
Deacon dislikes chem usage and addiction. Also you don't want to be brutal or violent when he is around. He is not peaceful. It is just that he likes to land a sneak finishing blow and doesn't tolerate it when you charge in instead of sneaking by, or silently killing the target.  

Where to find the sneaky Railroad member

Damn, I’m bad at these titles! I shouldn't give you a clue right in the name! So, yeah. To find Deacon you first need to find the Railroad. And, to find the Railroad faction you need to find the Old North Church. You would think that it is situated in the Northern part of the map? Well, not exactly. The Church can be found to the South-East from the Bunker Hill and to the far North-East from the Diamond City. Here it is:

The location of Old North Church

After you enter the church, you want to turn right and proceed in the hidden cave tunnel. In the end you will find a key in form of spinning wheel. You need to input "RAILROAD" in the wheel, it is a password. After you do that, the secret door will be opened and you will meet members of the Railroad Faction. Deacon will be a bit late to the party.
To earn him as your companion you will first need to complete a "Tradecraft" quest. It is a side-quest that will be given to you after you met Desdemona and co. There is nothing special about the quest, except the fact that you can earn some reputation with Deacon. Also, the quest will partly unveil Railroads past. The quest consist of the action part, where you infiltrate former Railroad base, and talking part, where are chatting with an agent to get the info about the place. The chat part will be the one that will give you a portion of affinity. Save before or during the chat, and make sure you will act like a boss rogue. After the completion of the quest, white shirt guy will be happy to join you.

How to earn maximum affinity with Deacon

Now that Deacon is your companion it is time to earn a reputation. One of the main sources of the affinity will be your actions that involve picking locks, hacking terminals and succeeding in bluffs and intimidations. Railroad guy adores it so much that in a few casual hours of any of those actions you will find yourself listening to Deacon's crap stories. While normal characters share their story and concerns the more they trust you, Deacon while share his crap and a secret code! Which, later on, turns out to a be lie as well!
To speed up the gains of the affinity you would like to take white shirt guy with you on the Railroad missions that feature helping rogue Synths. The quests include helping them reach hidden houses, clearing the roads that are used for sneaking in the night and so on. Also, if you are going to craft anything high-tech, you want Deacon to be with you, as it will earn you some affinity.
I guess, it is needless to say that in any conversation regarding Synths, you would like to have pro Synth opinion.
Basically, that is it! Few lockpicks opened, some Railroad quests completed and you are on the path to be the best friend of the greatest liar in the Commonwealth.

The Companion Quest

For Deacon, there is no traditional Companion Quest. We can count the one that you've completed in the beginning, "Tradecraft", as the Companion Quest. However, it is situated at the start of the relationship and is about the Railroad past and getting the Deliverer pistol. There is nothing special about white shirt guy there, but while you will be completing the quest and upon its completion you will earn significant portion of Deacon's trust and affinity.
Deliverer is a unique pistol that is acquired upon completing the quest. Previously, it was the weapon of important Railroad agent. Sadly, he died protecting an important stuff, so "i'm always wearing glasses" guy decides to present it to you as a token of trust and friendship. The pistol is best suited for sneaky VATS gameplay. It has lowered Action Point cost and increased chance to hit.  


I hope this guide will let you receive one the most epic weapons for sneaky playtrough! Also, no matter how big of an influence Decon will have on you, don't become a crap seller!

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