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YouTube Channel and KeenGamer Highlights 2015

Author: Veronika

Category: News

Last year on October 15th KeenGamer launched its own Twitch and YouTube Gaming channel. Here are some of the highlights from our very beginnings and the most successful videos. You will also learn a bit of what we plan to do in the year 2016.

Keen Gamer YouTube Channel

What has happened last year and what will happen this year? What can you expect of KeenGamer? Read more in the lines below.

We were planning to make streams and let's play videos mostly for Indie games but of course not just them. By the end of the year, we had uploaded 90 videos - Gameplays, Let´s Plays, Reviews, Previews and special short videos dedicated to our weekly Giveaways.

Keen Gamer YouTube Channel

We now have over four hundreds subscribers, if you are among them, thank you for your support!

And here are our highlights 

and best videos!

1) The best video is Toby: The Secret Mine Gameplay Walkthrough

with its 6304 viewers and 23 likes.

2) The longest video is Black Desert Online Let´s Play Pt 2

with its six hours of gameplay from the livestream it shows a heroic performance, doesn't it? :-)

Taylib from our team was playing and streaming from Closed Beta everyday for many hours and he created  the longest Let´s play video series on our channel. He was playing for almost 19 hours and showed the Black Desert fans a lot of actions.

Image title

3) As the funniest video is nominated our sweepstake giveaway: $64 Weekly GIVEAWAY - Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle by Searc. 

You simply MUST see it :-)

4) And the most exciting moment for our team was Livestream with developers of FIVE: Guardians of David

We were invited to join the guys from Kingdome Games during their live stream right after the launch of the game, while Searc was playing and streaming at the same time on our channel during the interview with the team of developers. Our 30 minutes of fame and our questions starting at 0:50:00 in the video below.

And what can you look forward to in 2016?

1. More and more video reviews! We have decided to provide you not just written reviews but for each game we play also a video review. Because we know that you like it so much more. 

2. More and more let's play videos and streams. Our main focus is now on reviewing games and we have so much that our team cannot even cover them all. 

3. Again weekly giveaways starting every Wednesday.

4. We will try and upgrade our writing, video making and editing skills at least to uncommon or even rare quality. But of course, the legendary is still far away. But we will get there! We just need to gather a team for the raid :-).

5. There are several absolutely core and important activities which we are working on right now but these projects will take some weeks or months to finish and we cannot reveal them for you right now. But trust us, it will be worth waiting.

We greatly appreciate that all of you remain loyal to us and check our news and reviews as we publish them. We do it for you and it's no secret that we need not just you but also your friends, friends of your friends, friends of your friends and their friends.... We may not get to a million subscribers and fans this year but we want to get there and you, you can help us. 

So if you like what we are doing, spread the word. Tell your friends that he or she can find great reviews on our site and that you can even create your own blog here and start your writing career. 

And last but not least, we are always looking for fresh blood. If you can write and are interested in reviewing games and can commit to the coverages, we have a place for you! Unfortunately don't expect any salary, everyone in our team is a volunteer and is doing what he loves. Therefore if you love games and would like to become a gaming journalist or are looking for somewhere to start your professional path, you can start, right here, with us ;-).

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