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How to get money and promote your website with Reddit

Author: Lojza

Category: Guide

Do you want to actively and successfully promote your blog, website, articles or simply your content on Reddit? Do you know how to do it? How do self-promotion rules work? How not to get banned? Then read this guide where everything is explained into details and will help you to get thousand of unique visitors to your website and earn more money!

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In this article, you will find out that Reddit can help you earn more money from ads on your website or blog. It can bring you thousands of new visits and noticeably increase your subscribers, followers, and fans. And that is what you want, isn’t it?

What do you know about Reddit? Do you use it? Do you like it and have it in your browser's bookmarks? Is it just another unknown site for you? What about Twitter? In a majority of western countries, both of these websites are well known and widely used. However, other countries use Facebook as their primary social website, underestimating the efficiency of Reddit and Twitter. This is not the best approach for writing interesting content, promoting it, and spreading the word about it on your great website. If you write, for example, about computer games, is Facebook the best platform for you and games in general? I don't think so. That's why news forums, clans, and gaming societies are being created.

Thus, KeenGamer was created. Here, it is possible to discuss about everything regarding games anonymously. KeenGamer has features similar to what can be found on Facebook, so create an account, and check out what this website can offer!

In the video below you can easily learn what Reddit is, so you get better idea about it.

Let’s get back to Reddit and how to utilize it. Do you have your own blog or website? Are they focused on computer games, or any other area? Would you like to get thousands visits to each of your article? If you write interesting content, then this is the way to go. It's efficient, trust me.

Reddit says one simple thing.

"It's perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it's not okay to be a website with a reddit account."

What does it mean? We will get to it, but first be sure to read these self-promotion rules and also FAQ. To put the self-promotion rule simple, you cannot have more links to one domain over 10% of its share from all of your linked domains. For example, if you were to have four favorite domains, including yours, and three links going to your own domain while three hundreds went to others, you violate the rule. You cannot have over 10% for EACH domain in your posted links. You cannot take care of only one domain and be below 10% on one but over 10% on others. You must follow the rule for every domain you use. I can tell you how to easily solve this issue, and how to efficiently and quickly post at least one link to your article every day to promote your site!

I'm going to explain step by step what to do, including how to maintain your portfolio of links on Reddit. Therefore, you will be able to promote your website every day! Believe me, that isn’t a big deal in exchange for five, or even ten thousands, unique visitors to your website.

1. Create Twitter account

Why? Why Twitter and not just Reddit? Wait and you will soon understand how important it is. After you create an account on Twitter you must do several things.

Find all of the important servers/groups/people you like on Twitter and follow them. For example, if you like IGN then follow its site on Reddit. Check KeenGamer and see the followed sites. If your area of interest is not gaming, then make a list of servers that are related to your website. If you know concrete sites regarding individual games, or whatever you like, follow them as well. Because all of the big servers often write similar news, you want to be ahead of them, and you need to have the right source in those followed sites. It takes several hours for big teams to publish news, but from some small sites you can be faster than them, and other Reddit users! However, this can only be achieved if you know about it, so the more sites you follow, the easier job it is for you in the future.

Why you should do all of this? Because you need to post great news to Reddit to build up your karma. But we will get to it soon.

2. Create Reddit account

If possible, use a newly created email address. Try to make more accounts; I recommend at least three. In the case of banning/shadowbanning, you will have a spare account ready, especially for the Reddit rookies who may not know all of the rules and restrictions. Having older accounts is crucial on Reddit. Many subreddits (individual pages on Reddit) do not allow new accounts to post comments, links, etc. Having an account older than a few months is needed, and having them already prepared will help you a lot.

3. Install a Toolbox add-on into your browser. It will help you easily find out what the percentage division of your posted links (domains) are.

4.  How does karma work? What is it for?

You can visit, for example, a KeenGamer user to see what links and comments he posted. Link karma is 2027 and comment karma is 24. Is it good or bad? Let's get into the details and some rules.

It is really important to know that if you have low link/comment karma, some subreddits will not allow you to post. Even if you would like to post a link, but your comment karma is low/below zero, you will not be allowed to do so. You need to build up both of your karmas!

How does it work? If you post a link on Reddit, anyone can vote it up or down (You cannot get below zero with links). If the link is really bad, then you will remain at zero, and it will get lost in other links soon enough. However, if it's something great, then it could get higher and higher! I would say that if you get a score over 50, it's quite a good link. Of course, if you can get over a few hundred, or even a few thousand, then you hit BINGO, and a huge amount of visitors to that link can increase your link karma as well.

If you post a comment, it almost works the same way. The comment, unlike the link, can get below zero. What does that mean? One important thing: if you post something bad, negative or even controversial, then you can be downvoted very fast, which is a problem. One comment can quickly plummet to -100, and climbing back to positive karma is not as simple as it seems. You must be very active and post positive, helpful, and interesting comments in order to be upvoted. In this situation, it is better to delete the negative comment ASAP so you will not receive even more downvotes. Make sure to edit the comment before you delete it! The server still keeps the latest version of the deleted ones. What comments should you write? Nice ones. It is good to comment posts of other users and not just yours. Reddit is a crowd and it behaves the same way. If a majority of users think that something is bad, then others will think the same way. If you want to build up your karma, simply do what others might like.

If you use Reddit just for links in the first place and to promote your site, make your comment karma around 100. That should be enough everywhere.

6. Toolbox feature [H] If you have it installed, next to each name you will see the "H" letter. 

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If you click on it, you will navigate to the statistics of the selected user. You need it to check your link domain divisions. It's the fastest way to check if you are always below 10% for every domain.

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Keep in mind that Reddit is also counting the links going to other subreddits, which is not correct in the end. You need to look at  Reddit investigator and  at the top right side you can see Links: and a number. For example,    keengamer has 153.

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Scroll down and look at the left side (The grey links don't count). So if you have, for example, 153 links, then count all the grey links and deduct them.

Count with me: 153 - 25 (grey links) = 128. We then have 11 KeenGamer links. 11 / 128 = 8.59%. The result is below 10%, making it fine to post another link by this user linking to the domain.

Don't forget that EVERY link must be below 10%, not just your own site.

7. There are other possible hidden Reddit rules. It seems that there are more rules not available to the public, and only admins (not moderators) know how they work. For example, if you link to your domains in your comments, then it probably also counts to your limit. One moderator of a large subreddit told me that every self-promotion counts, not just links, but also comments. Also, it is better not to delete links. Moderators can see if you are deleting them and try to exploit bans or downvoting, causing you to be banned from the whole subreddit. As a result, try to only delete comments. If some of your links are downvoted and not successful, leave it there and work on other links. Don't delete them.  

8. Where to post links? Where to promote your site or blog?

I will talk about gaming and games but the rules count for everything and every area of interest. If you want to write something great to an individual or known game (i.e. Fallout 4), then it is more than likely that it has its own subreddit, like /r/fo4. . It would be best to post the link there. Of course, if you have some articles worth linking about a game, but the community is non-existent/too small, then it's better to use Games or Gaming.

Games - If your link is about a game, its review, preview, or just news in general, then this is the place to post it (More effective than Gaming subreddit).

Gaming - This subreddit focuses on discussions about gaming and games. So, if you have something great concerning gaming, but not a concrete game, then post it here. It's one of the biggest subreddits with 8 million of users!

Look, for example, at this single post about StarCraft 2. It has received 870 upvotes, and if this link would go to your page, then you will get thousands, possibly tens of thousands of visits!

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It works for everything you write about. If you like cooking and want to write about it, then find the biggest subreddits about cooking and use them.

9. Why Twitter?

Now, we get to the Twitter topic and why you need to create an account if you don't have it already. It is the best place to be informed immediately about news of your chosen sites (topics), repost them on Reddit, and easily build your karma. How? Follow the sites as written above (Point 2), and then simply check your Twitter page from time to time during the day. If you have many followed sites, you can check it more frequently to stay updated. If some news gets your attention, then check the whole article. If it's worth posting on Reddit, copy the URL, find the proper place on Reddit, then post the link there with the article title. This way you can easily have tons of links about your chosen area every day without much work and without searching the web to find what to put on Reddit and have it relevant to your account.

Of course, you need at least 9 different links from 9 different domains to be able to post 1 link to your domain each day. It's better to have, for example, 30 sites on Twitter and use all of them. It's practically a necessity.

Twitter works for you to save a lot of time which you can use elsewhere. It provides you all the needed articles that you can take and use on Reddit (Don't forget that you can post just one link per ten minutes).

10. How to post?

After you post a link or a comment, always log out and check the subreddit's latest posts. If yours is visible, check it right after posting, then 10 minutes after. Sometimes moderators will delete it a few minutes later if they don't like it.

Always read the individual subreddit rules and follow them. Sometimes you are not allowed to use false titles (or big titles like "THE BEST guide ever made..." and etc.). Sometimes, you need to put a flag to your link.

11. What you shouldn't do?

Don't spam! Don't post at the same subreddit more often than 23 times a week. Use different subreddits. If you self-promote more often, mods will take it as spamming, which can cause the WHOLE domain to be banned. This would allow nobody to be able to post links to your domain at this subreddit.

Don't get over the 10% self-promotion rule. Now, if you get from time to time 10-15%, it is still fine, but make sure lower it back below 10% ASAP. Any user on Reddit can report you, and automatic systems will check your account to shadowban you. You will be able to login, read, upvote, but everything you post (links or comments) will be invisible to anyone except you. That's why you need to always check that your link is visible and working. You can check your shadowbanned status here.

Don't swear and be ignorant on Reddit. It will come back to bite you.

12. Create more accounts on Reddit. As I said, it's common for beginners to have their account get banned. So make more accounts and “age them”.

Is that all? 

At this time, yes. These are just the basic steps which you should follow, and in a few days it will get into your blood and become second nature. Of course, there are more issues and topics regarding Reddit, but I could write about that in the future, like timing the posts to get the most of them and how to analyze more deeply the effect of Reddit posts. But for now, if you follow all the steps, in time your site will get hundreds, thousands and even more visits per day. Of course, it depends on your content, and if it will get the attention of the visitors. This way you easily get the initial audience. The hard work is to provide relevant and great articles so the visitors will come back and check your site again.

To summarize it: Create Twitter account, follow news, copy them to Reddit, build your karma, post your own links. Enjoy! :-)

I can tell you that it took me about 3 months and 2 banned accounts (1 domain) to get all of this together. Don't make the same mistakes.

If you like this article, please share it, like it or even donate at the button below. And if you have some questions then ask in the comments below!

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