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The Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap Review

Author: Asa Jarrett

Category: Review

A review on the Minish Cap on the Wii U Virtual Console.

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The Legend Of Zelda was originally released on the Game Boy Advanced in 2004. This Zelda game is set in the story of the four swords which I have played none of so linearity and continuation of plot is irrelevant here.  


This Zelda game plays very basically. You have full movement 3D on a 2D background and two action buttons which can be mapped to any items in the game, although you will need a sword at all times so it's basically one re-mappable button. It does have the unfortunate issue that the fastest way to move is to continuously roll so mashing the RB will be a constant pain to perform, or the slowness of Link by not mashing the button.

But the game does feel very smooth and responsive for its simple design with its large range of equipment along with the diverse number of enemies to battle. As with every Zelda title there are a number of dungeons to make your way through, each with a unique boss and required play style. There are only 5, maybe 6 if you count the mini one without a boss, but each memorable and most fun. Although I wouldn't want you thinking Nintendo are good at making new things so the areas are earth, fire, different earth, water, sky and ominous castle. So nothing at all ground breaking. 

It is not a long game for a Zelda title and took me about half a day but I very much enjoyed it so take that for what it's worth.


It is the same plot as always. Zelda gets captured by a bad guy, this time Vaati, and your quest is to collect 4 multicoloured gems to make you better just like every game in the series. So don't expect to be engaged in the basic plot.


This is a basic title with simple graphics. The game has a way of making memorable settings and monsters to play in and fight so interest in this titles is one which is hard to falter. It is basically fun, and for £6.29 on Wii U Virtual Console you can hardly go wrong.

SCORE: 7/10

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