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Telltale Games - The Future Of It's Many Game Series

Author: Asa Jarrett

Category: Other

A view on the current master of episodic adventure gaming and whether they can keep up their stride.

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With the very diverse releases of 2015, whether you enjoyed them or not, it is obvious that Telltale Games is not afraid of branching out to very unlikely Titles to base their games around. With a combination of Game Of Thrones, one of the most popular TV Series of today, Tales From The Borderlands, based on the Borderlands setting and tone, and with the ongoing Minecraft Story Modes, a family friendly series set the extremely successful world of Minecraft, Telltale Games seem to have no particular genre they prefer to work with.

This years titles have been the most dramatic shift when compared to The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 as well as The Wolf Among Us which, although were very different settings, were very dark and gritty games. Both of these games were very popular and loved by Telltale's customers and by those who were invested in their respected series. 

This year I think have shown the limitations of Telltale's writing to make a game live up to its respected universe. Tales From The Borderlands captured both the body and the soul of the original games in it's aesthetics and writing, Handsome Jack didn't hurt either. But Game Of Thrones which, although enjoyable, couldn't have the same impact as previous titles due to the fact that it was integrally tied to the TV series so couldn't create any event big enough to affect it, making the decisions feel rather diminished in weight when you know the world is impervious to your choices. And personally Minecraft Story Mode feels rather pathetic in its decisions when nothing serious can really take place due to it's family friendly design and I don't believe the writing is anywhere near as good as Walking Dead's impacting drama or Borderlands outstanding humour.   

2016 is once again expanding Telltale's arsenal of titles it can call upon to create a series. With the confirmation of The Walking Dead Michonne beginning in February and Batman premiering sometime next year , as well as the untitled Marvel Series, one does wonder how they keep up the quality and maintain the quantity. The two confirmed titles for 2016 are not too impressive to many as the upcoming Walking Dead series does not continue the previous series, which I know is disappointing to many fans, and Batman has already had its own game series making the potential interest in a Batman Game releasing non existent. 

It seems that Telltale are trying to increase their customers by making multiple separate titles. That in itself is not a bad thing as just creating one thing only goes nowhere, but by gaining the Batman licence they may may not have continued The Wolf Among Us which many are crying out for and may have contributed to the new Walking Dead series being only a mini series. I think that by trying to branch out, potentially too far, they are asking too much of their fan base. They obviously want these players too experience all of their titles. But with the number of games each with a whole cast of characters it is not only hard to care for each and every one of them, with multiple series being often released simultaneously, but to remember them as most of these series have confirmed sequels being released at some point.

I think that Telltale either need to decide to make several one off game series,  stick to a small number of continuous series like The Walking Dead, or a tiny number of continuous titles with occasional one offs. Otherwise Telltale games are going to saturate their workload and water down their talent as there will be no time to concentrate on a single game and make that one great.

As a fan of Telltale and their simple adventure game design with emphasis on story, I only want to show I would rather have less titles that were memorable and fantastic, rather than a ton of mediocre and only just playable ones.

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