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is a atmospheric dungeon crawler game where Action RPG meets Roguelike, developed by Hit The Crow team from Serbia. read more

Sunken Early Access Review & Gameplay

Author: Victor

Category: Preview

This game will reminds you of Diablo right away from the beginning. There are some original ideas with great replay-ability but also glitches.

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Sunken was developed by Hit the Crow studios and was released as an early access title on the Steam store on Thursday, 3 September. It is part Action-RPG, part dungeon crawler, and now is a really good time to buy it, since it is relatively cheap.


The story of the game is pretty much a mystery, and is unveiled as you proceed through the game. Without spoiling it too much, I shall try and introduce you to the story. Deep somewhere in a dark dungeon, a group of masked priests meet for a summoning ceremony. They prepare everything necessary and then proceed to the summoning. And then, when it is least expected, a group of warriors burst through the door and want to make sure the summoning does not succeed! You, who appears to be the summoned one, then find yourself in the dungeon receiving advice from a friendly old man (who ripped out his own lungs) and tells you that your body odor is most unpleasant, not to go deeper into the dungeon. Nevertheless, you go in, because who wouldn't?

Sunken - Let´s Play

Sunken - Let´s Play


As this game was not developed by an experienced team, the graphics really aren't anything that stands out, but they are by no means bad. Let's just say the gameplay moves your focus away from the graphics, making this topic irrelevant. Well, moving on then.


So, what exactly do you do in this game? The aim of the game is to go as far into a dungeon as possible and to level up, Dungeons offer a variety of enemies which you will have to battle, using weapons you acquire and various skills you learn.

So far, I have devoted many hours to Sunken, but the content still doesn't seem to bore me. This is probably due to the fact that the aim of the game is to constantly beat your high score, which adds to the replay value of dungeons, especially once you've learned more abilities. You will also find yourself looking everywhere for any materials you could loot to craft weapons or make potions which will boost your process. The crafting, inventory and ability menus offer a user-friendly interface so if you're stuck with something, it really is your fault. You do not have to memorize recipes and I appreciate that. As for the controls, I really thought that the video game market had nothing more boring to offer than point and click until I tried this game. The battles against vicious vampire bats, skeletons and zombies had me on the edge of my seat, which is funny, considering it was only the first dungeon and all I did was click and press the occasional ability button. All jokes aside, the controls are really solid although sometimes unresponsive.


This game is definitely nothing for the achievement hunter. The 24 Steam achievements are easy to complete and do not offer much variety. Kill 50 monsters, kill 500 monsters and Complete the Game. That pretty much sums it up.


So what sets this game apart from other games? Glad you asked. This game introduces original mechanics such as the fact that you will have to learn skills and recipes. I also really liked the fact that the aim is actually to beat your high score and to reach the top of the leaderboard. If you're looking to step away from the tired old RPG, this is a great game for you!

Sunken - Let´s Play

Sunken - Let´s Play


The soundtrack of this game was disappointing. There is almost no background music, the player's footsteps are tremendously loud and only occasionally interrupted by a groaning zombie or your weapon.

Other issues

Despite the game's Early Access status, where the presence of bugs and glitches alike should come as no surprise, I was annoyed. At first I couldn't even start the game due to it crashing, the loading screens would constantly freeze and sometimes even though I clearly indicated where I wanted to go, my character decided that it would be more appropriate if he ran around like a headless chicken.

Before we reach the verdict, let's recap the pros and cons.


  • Original Idea

  • User-friendly interface

  • Challenging enemies

  • Epic replay value


  • Game breaking glitches

  • Little or no soundtrack

  • Unresponsive controls

Sunken - Let´s Play

Sunken - Let´s Play


An original Action RPG, It does a great job in introducing new ways of playing and offers epic replay value which kept me busy for quite some time now and this game reintroduced me to point and click. I have had great experiences with the game, but the issues just won't stop nagging at me. I plan to still play this game a lot, but probably only when it is fully released. If you are looking to try this game, you definitely should, but I suggest waiting for the full release.

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