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Rememoried – Interview with the creator Vladimír Kudělka

Vladimír Kudělka is not just a really strong man but also a successful developer of Rememoried. Quite a unique game which was created because of his dreams and imagination. He gave us very interesting answer to our questions :-)

Hello Vladimír, can you tell us more about yourself? 

Hi, my name is Vladimír Kudělka, I come from the city of Brno in the Czech Republic where I finished studies of Fine art at the Faculty of VUT and nowadays I fully devote myself to the creation video games which have fascinated me since my childhood.Image title

What was behind the idea of Rememoried? It’s a bizarre game from a genre and gameplay perspective. Where did you get the inspiration?

The idea started to emerge sometime before 2013 while still at my studies. I was making my thesis and my aim was to create a video game. At the beginning all there was an interactive application and I started to work towards the game afterwards.

I was getting the inspirations from my visual experience, in the first place, which often project into my dreams where they transform even more. I started by working with static images and subsequently turn them into something more “alive” by the lines of code and was blown away by the possibilities offered by the present engines.

How large was the development team? Was it just you alone, or were their others helping?

It was just me working on the game. But a lot of things, for example music, is possible to license under a fair conditions so in the end you find out that half of the creation is about the art directing.



How long did the development take?

I was working on Rememoried for two years. At the beginning it was only supposed to be a small project with about three months of work but later on more and more ideas kept coming to me and then I was just surprised by how fast time was flying by.

What was the most difficult and the most easiest part in the whole process?

Probably the most difficult was to keep faith in myself and in the project. Moreover if you see other wonderful titles from other developers. I was once in such a stress and so tired from the development that I even deleted Rememoried and the backups. Fortunately the next morning I recalled that i had thrown my DVD in the trash can.

The easiest part was probably the creative process itself because I had the vision from the very beginning therefore I didn´t have any issues when coming up with anything new.



Many players complains that they don’t know what to do next and are stuck. Was it intentional? What was your aim? Did you want to entertain the players, offer unique experience or what exactly?

It wasn’t intentional although I was counting with it. The fact is that I wanted to make a game only by my own vision and not to yield to mainstream. Rememoried demands a certain amount of sensitivity from the player and I think that it is obtained by the experience. It is really interesting that many of my friends between artists finished the game without bigger issues. So the goal was to please mainly similarly minded gamers.

In its own way the game looks like the player must be high during the gameplay. Does it come from your own personal experience and you just transferred them into the game?

The game is connected to drugs from the day I released the trailer and I don’t mean it in a bad way. Me personally I must restrain my imagination even in a common sober state of mind so I’m avoiding all the drugs.



Are you satisfied with the result? Either with the sales on Steam or the acceptance in the gaming world? With players, critics, game servers?

I think that I can say with a clear conscience that I am. Sales on Steam are even with my expectation. What really surprised me was the interest of foreign Medias. Probably the biggest joy gave me the coverage on Kill Screen server which is for me a really renaissance Media. I’m also grateful for nice gameplay video from Polygon and I cannot forget the French portal jeuxvideo which dedicated to the game more than just a standard care from preview, review, video review, streams and commented gameplay to give me in the end score 16/20. That was for me unimaginable and at this moment I told myself that it was worth it.

On the other hand there are of course other critics and the hardest came paradoxically from the Czech Republic and I would lie if I would say that I’m not feeling bad about them.

After all the hard work and your experience do you feel like working on another title? Or maybe you already have something that you are working on? What plans do you have for the future?

I’ve got a great desire which is surprising even for me personally. Currently I’m already working on two titles. One is going to be multi-platform and I’d like to get to as many devices as possible. The other is connected to the virtual reality which is for me a thrilling discovery of possible immersions.



What would you say to other beginning indie developers? Do you have any advices for them or what to do or certainly not to do?

I’m not sure that I have enough experience to give advices to someone however I confirm one saying during the development that it’s always better to sleep on it.

Would you like to say something to your fans or probable customers or simply add anything?

I’d like to thank everyone who is sending their impressions to me because an even few lines can often recharge me with energy for a long time. Thank you very much!

Check KnightBroseph´s gameplay below and read his review:

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