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Darksiders II

is an action role-playing hack and slash video game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ (now by Nordic Games). It is the sequel to Darksiders and was released... read more

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition Review

Author: SearcGaming

Category: Preview

A brief review on the re-released, remastered THQ's 2012 Darksiders II. Is it worth the new price tag?

Hello again, ladies and gentleman. Wereturn to you with another short review, this time, for Darksiders:Deathinitive Edition, a re-release for the original Darksiders II from 2012. So this review will be a little different as a result.Image result for darksiders 2 deathinitive edition

For those unfamiliar with the title, Darksiders II is part of the Darksiders franchise by which was pickedup by Nordic games after THQ unfortunately declared bankruptcy. It is an action adventure rpg that takes heavy influence from older Nintendo rpg games, more noticeably, The Legend of Zelda. With the combo based combat and environmental puzzles, Darksiders II was a fun game with cool effects.

The question is, what is new?

According to Nordic Games news release,which can be found on the Steam page, they spent their effort improving the graphics quality up to 1080p, an increased item pool with new items for players to enjoy, and some behind the scene mechanic balance changes.

Wait...that's it?

Yes that is essentially it. But during the first week of the release, anyone that currently has Darksiders II on Steam automatically gets the update, and everyone else gets it at a promotional price of 20% off. Looking through the Steam basedreviews, the game gets a lot of negative feedback, mostly, based on the price point and the graphics. It seems that most people anticipate, or Nordic Games released a news article stating that the price of Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition would be a standard priced game of a new release, but looking at the Steam page, this does not seem to be the case, or at least, not any more. The price point for the game is very reasonable for a 2012 game that has been reskinned.

Image titleEven still, I see many complaints about the texture tearing, which to be honest is very obvious, along with low poly models, and the shadows have major aliasing even when shadows are tuned all the way up and anti-aliasing is maxed. But I must say, the graphics don't make the game, the mechanics do, and the game is just as fun to play as its predecessors. If graphical errors and low quality models were such a major issue, games like Final Fantasy VII wouldn't have such a major following.

Of course, I did have some non-graphical issues on my end, which I believe is because the game was meant to be played via a console rather than pc. Rebinding key bindings was overly complicated for some reason and certain key bindings were just simply not capable of being changed at all.Secondly, which you can see in the gameplay VODs, the camera was very uncooperative, swinging wilding at times and gave me the impression that long periods of play would cause ocular issues, potentially causing nausea, migraines, or even seizures if you are prone to this.So be careful playing this game on a pc, make sure to take precautions such as lowering the mouse sensitivity, or using gamer glasses if necessary.

My Thoughts?

So is the game worth picking up at the $29.99 price tag? I would say absolutely. But of course, if you don't agree, you can always wait from one of the famous Summer Steam Sales where you could potentially get the game for up to 90% off. Who knows.

But in the end, my final decree is, Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition is definitely worth picking up if you have never played it before, and worth a replay if its been a while.

Below you can find the game play VODs this review was based off of. Don't forget to Like the video and Subscribe to the channel.

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