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Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle

is a physics puzzle shooter by Lucky You Studio, with Oculus Rift support. read more

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Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle - interview

Author: KeenGamer

Category: Interview

Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle - do you like puzzle games? Virtual reality? Then find out more what the developers have to say about their game and studio.

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Hey guys! Tell us a bit about yourselves. What is Lucky You Studios?

Ricardo: has surf, skate and kite surf flowing in his veins and a big passion for games, tattoos and art. Had study and graduate from Game Development course 10 years ago.

Tuomas: coder, boardgamer, most famous games I've worked on are Minigore and Minigore 2 when I was working for Mountain Sheep.

Lucky You Studio is an independent studio founded in 2011 by Ricardo Haratani, with the idea to create art, games and tattoos.

What idea or goal was in your mind during the creative process in making this game? When did you guys first came up with the idea forKumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle?What was it that you wanted to accomplish?

Kumoon was originally created 2005 by Mikko Oksalahti, for Assembly Game Dev Competition in 2005 and it won the first prize, and we were part of the team. The game design document has been laying for a long time in some hard drive in my house, until year and a half ago talking with Tuomas about re-boot Kumoon because the game concept had not really been used elsewhere. The original idea was just to make a new skin and new levels as a mobile version. We were pushing a desktop and a iOS version, but then came the idea of the virtual reality version and we decided to get the Oculus Rift DK2 and drop the mobile version for a while.Image title

Where did you get the inspiration for this game?

Well, the original game is by Mikko Oksalahti, and it was pretty much a vehicle for his physics engine. We knew the core game was fun, but then started tweaking the scoring, and got a bit more ambitious with level design while keeping the minimal scope tightly together.

Are you planning on building more Virtual Reality-centered games in the future? I know that VR support was one of the main objectives when creating this game and I can only hope you guys continue to feed the beast that is Virtual Reality gaming!

We are hoping to get funding for another VR project, but the success of Kumoon remains a major factor in what comes next.

The soundtrack in this game is great! I liked all of the songs and they fit the game so perfectly. Can you explain the creation behind the soundtrack?

We collected the songs from electronic music artists we know. As we are working on a bubblegum and shoestring budget, they were all donated or sold for a very reasonable price to us... Props to the Finnish musicians who are willing to take a risk to support low budget indie games. If we have a modicum of success we will be treating them well!

Did you have much difficulty implementing the VR support within the game?

It was a fair painful learning curve, but I guess everybody who’s currently developing VR content are experiencing the same difficulties that we had. Almost all facets of the game from Menus to Gameplay were affected by the VR support. Examples include the ingame options menu which we decided to spawn directly into the gameworld, and the whole ballistic shooting thing was surprisingly tough, we had to play around with several character models to find one that worked well for launching the projectiles.Image title

What aspects of Kumoon (which I recently learned is Finnish for “fall over”) are you guys proud of or satisfied with?

RicardoWe’re proud and happy with the end result for the moment. We still have many ideas that may be implemented in future updates, for example the bullet limitation that will make Kumoon more puzzle than it is, for that we already have a version but still have to be tested and balanced, but is hard when that is only manly two of us doing the game. The main thing is that remains a very unique game, and we can see players having fun playing it.

Would you guys consider adding player-created levels along with a map editor? Anything along those lines that allows the players to develop their own levels and possibly share them amongst each other.

That is the possibility and we had talk some times about that, but we have to see how the things goes now before doing that. The game would have to sell very well to make a level editor worthwhile.

Are there any updates or changes to Kumoon that the readers can expect to see in the near future?

We will be taking a breather and focus on marketing the game, but again the success of the game dictates the future : if we get a decent amount of sales, we will certainly be expanding and updating the game. Oculus 1.0 support and HTC Vive Vr support are the main things we are pretty certain we will want to do no matter what happens though!

Finally, would you like to say anything else to our readers and your fans?

The variety of games on sale today is staggering, there is a bit of a renaissance going on, but the prices of games are dropping so drastically it is becoming incredibly tough to even break even on a produced game. We sincerely hope people with an interest in VR particularly would support our game now and not wait for sales and bundles, to give us more leverage in continuing development.

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Thank you for your time and let's hope the game will get big sales. But even if you don't have money to buy it we are having a weekly giveaway of Kumoon starting in 2 hours from now.

Author: greatthegregory


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