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Rememoried – Review

A Short and Concise Review of Rememoried.

DISCLAIMER: Honestly, I am not exactly a fan of this genre of game, for this reason this review may be a little bit shorter and will be lacking a score. I feel it is fair to put aside any personal feelings and just talk about the game.

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About the Game:

Rememoried is an independently developed game which explores the ideas of dreams and memories in a Surrealist, exploitative, adventure-game setting. The game uses exploration, observing ones surroundings, and puzzle solving to make up its core mechanics. 

There isn't so much a store in the game, but rather a story behind the game; it is described, on steam, as "If you fall asleep while stargazing, a gate to a new world situated in between the world of memories and the world of dreams will open for you. That intermediate world gradually turns reality to fragments and infuses the player with the desire to know the unknowable. But the most persistent can feel the unknowable. "

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Rememoried is a fairly linear puzzle solving game. What the game essentially boils down to is you find the next level, solve a "puzzle", and move on to the next level. I'm going to say a single statement that I think sums the puzzles in this game up nicely; it appears they took the strict dictionary definition of puzzle, and implement it in their game. 

("cause (someone) to feel confused because they cannot understand or make sense of something." –

Just for clarification, the something is not the overall style, story, etc. of the game, but rather what to do next, or how to solve the "puzzle".

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Keeping things relatively objective…the game looks nice, plays good, and its visuals definitely give it an abstract feel. If this is the type of game that you are into, as in surrealistic, puzzle platformer, with an emphasis on walking around, then give this game a shot.

Check my gameplay below:

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