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Need For Speed 2015

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Smart cops in the new Need for Speed

Author: Mad Max

Category: News

In the new Need for Speed players are not allowed to get into the role of a police officer.

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However cops continue to worry game players. Marcus Nillson, executive producer of the game, said more about the police in the new Need for Speed.

"If your vehicle is equipped on the highest level, then the police will install more road blocks. If you have a low-level car, the cops will think it is not powerful enough. Thus, it is possible to deceive law enforcement ", - said Nilsson.

Police Ventura Bay will respond on what is happening dynamically. They can disperse their forces across locations, or be left behind if the situation has calmed down. This should inspire players to explore the game world, and at the same time help to choose their own path of development.

Police forces are not located around the game world but only in some of its sections. If you want to avoid the cops, you can quickly figure out what places you should avoid and when you must stop and pay a fine. If you do not want to organize the chase with the persecution again, you can just stop and pay the cash. Police will let you go.

Nielson has been talking about the dynamic system of traffic on the streets of Ventura Bay. The prototype for the creation of the Ventura Bay served Los Angeles. The developers have taken as a basis a realistic model of busy roads. If at night the road is usually empty, in the morning traffic enlivened.

Release date of Need for Speed is scheduled for November 3rd 2015. The game will be available on platforms Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Owners of PC will have to wait until early 2016.


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