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A short and concise review about the indie title "Gunnheim"

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About the Game:

Gunnheim is simply described as Guns + Vikings = Mayhem. Essentially, the game is an isometric twin stick shoot 'em up/bullet hell. The game features a variety of different levels and weapons, all with different functions and styles of play.

What Works:

The game looks great and feels great. All the guns feel like they have weight and each shot is satisfying. Gunnheim has the right amount of difficulty for it's simplicity. There really isn't too much complexity in the game, just point and shoot; it achieves that goal well and builds, not ridiculously frustrating, difficulty off of that.

What doesn't work:

Probably one of my biggest complaints with the game is the inability to switch weapons. I understand they were going with the style of weapon "power-ups" but in several circumstances it would have been more beneficial, and fun, to switch my weapon back to my primary until I need the secondary I just picked up. If there was a particularly difficult enemy and I picked up a weapon upgrade to early, I was completely out of luck.  I still stand behind the statement that the game has fair difficulty, but I did encounter I certain enemy that was not only faster then you, but could shoot faster then you could dodge, and if you were close, his shotgun spray is too wide for your dodge. Of course this was probably my fault but I did find this particular enemy more of a chore.

Last, the game itself does not seem to run very well, as in it uses a lot of CPU power. While the framerate was stable, the game used 30-50% of my CPU. I've definitely seen games which much more to render run on a lot less power then this game. Definitely something to note if someone is looking to record or stream this game, but this shouldn't effect regular play.

Final Thoughts/Recap:

The game is really fun, in all honesty I didn't get to play too much of it but I have very little "real gripes" with it. I enjoyed my time playing it and I definitely recommend it for those who enjoy twin stick shooters. A final note: I did not get a chance to do a full playthrough OR test any co-op play. This review is solely based on the content I streamed on the KeenGamer Youtube channel.

Grading Scale: 1 -> Very poor ; 5 -> Average ; 10 -> Perfect


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