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Watch livestream of Cryptark and Gunnheim games

Author: KeenGamer

Category: Video

Don't forget to watch our YouTube gaming channel. We are going to show two new games. Cryptark and Gunnheim!

Don't miss our live streams and chat with our guys while playing. They are not shy and welcome the audience! Laugh with them to their dying and trying to progress through the game :-D.

First stream will take place 10:30 PM - 00:30 AM GMT time

That is in 8 hours from now (check the time at the comment written below the article). 

SearcGaming is going to play Cryptark a 2D sci-fi rogue-like shooter being created and developed by Alientrap.Image title

second live stream should start at 2 am GMT 

KnightBroseph is going to play Gunnheim a 1-4 player top down shooter inspired by Viking mythology and the golden era of couch co-op gaming.

Image title

Subscribe to our channel not to miss it! 

If you want to join our team and also stream and make videos, contact us at We welcome everyone who could do the job and entertain our fans.

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