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TankZone Battle – review

A short and concise review about the indie title "TankZone Battle"

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About the Game:

Simply put, TankZone battle is a semi Counter Strike inspired strategic tank "MOBA" (Massive-Online-Battle-Arena). Before I continue, I use the acronym MOBA because that's what the game is meant to be, it is solely online and consists exclusively of battle arenas. TankZone Battle is developed and published by Render System Entertainment and was released on Sept. 21, 2015.

What Works:

The game runs smoothly with little to no hiccups; in my time of playing I have not encountered a bug or game altering exploit. The game features interesting enough destructible environments that allow different strategies and adaptability. An example of these different strategies occurred in one of my streams; I continually rotated around destructible environment while a much stronger tank (player) attempted to destroy environments to destroy me. By strategically positioning myself I was able to slowly pick off his health until he was ultimately defeated.

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The game offers a decent variety of cannons that alter the gameplay significantly enough. As far as I could tell, cannons alter the gameplay in 4 significant ways, cannon rotation speed, bullet speed, reload time/fire rate, and actual bullet damage. What these mean is pretty obvious so I'm not going to go into explaining them. The game also offers a variety of different camouflages for your tank, as well as different colored "ghille suits" which match the camouflage color. The best part about this is the camouflage actually works nicely and it's really easy to miss a tank, outfitted with a "ghille suit", hidden in a bush.

Minimalistic GUI, or HUD. This again adds to the camouflage idea. There is no map, no compass, no display healthbars, only what is clearly seen on the map. These factors allow consistent and fair gameplay throughout.

On death, you lose cannons, suits, and mines. TankZone has a currency system and you earn money by getting kills, (i think) assists, team kills, match victories, etc. With this money you can buy equipment. If you die, you lose all the equipment you bought; this idea keeps the game fair.

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What doesn't work:

The maps in this game are relatively boring and uninspired. Tanks are only limited to a 2-D field of shooting, simply put, if the game were top down it wouldn't change anything accept the camera angle. As you can imagine, this means maps are flat, without any drastic variety. Maps feel like they are simply a pallet swap over a whole new map.

Gun's are fairly boring for the same reason maps are boring. Because of this simple 2-D plain of shooting there isn't any massive differences between guns.

There is an enormous lack of playerbase for an only multiplayer game. I understand this isn't really the game's, or developer's, fault, but it is important to note.

Final Thoughts/Recap:

TankZone Battle is fun and definitely fair! If you like tactic and skill based shooters, especially ones involving tanks, then this would be a good choice for your next buy. While the game is released it appears the game is still being updated by the developers. To be perfectly honest, what doesn't work in this game is really subjective, and should be easy fixes (if the developers chose to alter the game's mechanics). The only real objective flaw for this game, that I can think of, is the lack of multiplayer playerbase.

You can watch the gameplay and decide for yourself if the game is worth your money.


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