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Electronic Arts is going to develop its own GTA game

Author: Mad Max

Category: News

The company Electronic Arts is going to develop its own GTA game.

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The company Electronic Arts is going to develop its own GTA game

Among numerous video game publishers, Electronic Arts is one of the largest. However, even this provision does not allow management to call EA a leader in the genre of action games. But EA representatives are already working to fix it.

"If you look at the largest segment of our market, which is represented by action games, you will notice that we have not so much of them. EA does not have its own series of giant action games such as Assassin's Creed, Batman or GTA. Now we are launching a new strategic direction to expand our portfolio of Action. Also, to try to introduce gamers something that has never been done before, "- explained Patrick Soderlund.

Jade Raymond, the former executive producer of Ubisoft Montreal, founded her own studio Motive and began work on a new draft EA in the universe of "Star Wars." Apart from Star Wars: Battlefront, Electronic Arts is preparing another game in the same universe. The development of the new game assigned to the team Visceral Games, which is working on a "huge" role-playing game in the open world.

"I'm not saying we're going to break the record of GTA and collect 50 million copies. I'm just saying that we want to do big projects. And I think, for this we need the right people. "

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