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KeenGamer YouTube channel is here!

Author: KeenGamer

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KeenGamer launched today its own YouTube and YouTube Gaming channel. What can you look forward to?

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First of all let's hope that our channel will become famous and you will subscribe sooner or later ;-). Go and check it 


So what shall we upload and show to you? We are planning to make streams and let's play videos mostly for Indie games but of course not just them. You will always know in advance what stream will be live and who will be streaming. Either from this KeenGamer streamers page or from the time schedule at the YT channel. 

If you want to help and make videos of stream with us, send us en email! We are always looking for new team members.

And if we are talking about the team, welcome everyone on board!

Gubje - streamer on Twitch for a long time

FalseProof Ben - YouTuber since July 2014

ThrashMasta5 -  makes his best to produce good and fun to watch videos of his playthroughs 

KnightBroseph - streamer and rogue-likes, RPGs and RTS lover

Don't hesitate to contact us if you think that you can stream or make great videos.

First Let's play is maybe not about triple A title but everyone who likes small independent games for free will be happy. Let's meet ThrashMasta5 and a game called My little planet!

His next video is again similar and from the same website. It looks cheap and easy but is really hard to master.

In the following days we will upload and stream TankBattle Zone, Wild Terra, Novus Inceptio and others. So stay tuned and wish us only the best!

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