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TankZone Battle

is an online game focused on tank battles inspired by the principles of Counter Strike and on arcade gameplay. read more

TankZone Battle - arcade tank battles

Author: KeenGamer

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TankZone Battle - let's talk a little bit about this indie game from a Slovakian developer focused on clean arcade aspect of tank battles and what you can expect from the game in general

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The game was Greenlit on Steam Greenlight in October 2014. What does this game offer to players? Of course you can get the best idea from the videos and images posted below and inside the article. But let's try to present the game a little bit more.

The game is created by Lukáš Hanák and started as a small project to spend leisure time with his wife and Lukáš simply started to make a game based on the old DOS game Tunneler. And because it was fun to play he has started to work more intensive on the whole concept and now you can see the results after 2 years of his hard work. He works as a 3D graphical designer and C# programmer and uses Unity for the last 4 years. And as he personally says the game became his another full-time job which took all his earnings and free time.


Rules are simple. When the team reaches 10 points the match is over. Then you can choose the next map and continue in the shooting. Of course players receives money for damaging the enemies and you can spend your earned bucks for new equipment at the beginning of each round.

What can you use in the heat of the battle?

  • 10 weapons and 3 specialities

  • Light 15 mm cannon

  • Light and medium cannons

  • Light double barrelled cannon

  • Light triple barrelled cannon

  • Heavy 88 mm cannon

  • Gas shooting cannon - AOE damage

  • Extreme gas shooting cannon - like the previous one but with two cannons

  • Mammoth cannon - two 88 mm cannons compound together


  • Smoke-screen (max 1 piece) - to hide or to initiate an attack

  • Mines (max 2 pieces) - mines which reacts only to the enemies

  • Forest cover - your tank has branches over it and is less visible from the distance

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You can also use 21 skins to better adapt to the environment. The game tries to balance the gameplay the best possible way. Therefore if you have equipped a heavy cannon the reload time is much longer than with light cannons. But this is common in every tank game so it sounds just logical. 

You can play matches 1 vs 1 or 4 vs 4 with your friends. There are two modes available.

Classic DeathMatch - All players start with their bases. In base, you can reload ammo and repair armor.

Defuse missions - Players are in two teams. First team must locate the place of rocket base, prepare rocket to start and another team must kill all enemy players or defuse the rocket system before rocket's launch.

The game is made on Unity 5 and the graphics corresponds to the game type and its demands. 

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Price and availability

The game is ging to be Pay to Play on Steam. New addons should be released later on for free. TankZone Battle should be released in September 2015.

Here is a video to get better idea about the whole game in motion.

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