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Heroes of the Storm

is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and OS X. The basis of the game is the combination of... read more


Heroes of the Storm – Hot(S) NEWS#11

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

Tons of Johanna guides, KaelJam and more in the eleventh episode of Hot(S) NEWS highlights!

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      NA community round-up
Image titleHeroes Hype one of the best NA sites devoted to Heroes of the Storm has done nice round-up of the past events and content that recently happened in the NA HOTS world. If you are looking to expand your community knowledge into the NA scene this round-up will be a perfect start for you. It will introduce you to weekly shows like “Town Hall Heroes”, where you can watch hosts talking with guests, interacting with community and discussing recent events as well as throwing some suggestions on the table. You’ll be familiarized with different podcasts discussing topics ranging from Tychus cigar drama to newly released hero - Johanna. And lastly you’ll get to know some awesome community creations featuring cool gameplay footage and epic moments like “HOTS Hottest Plays”.

      POD of the Storm#1
Image title50 minutes of awesomeness or how to talk about Heroes for an hour when you actually don’t know anything about them! That’s probably the description to this podcast. That’s very interesting and refreshing approach Blog of the Storm have implemented to the podcast. They invite people that are not familiar with the game and with help of the community explaining the guest what HOTS is, creating tons of entertainment in the process! This podcast features Johanna discussion, WCA Americas finals and more! Proceed to the link below to know who actually won the retailer pack in a recently announced contest by BOTS to hype the launch of the podcast.

      Promotional gear and J!NX summer sale!
Image titleThat’s right! Blizzard together with J!NX have started summer madness! In company’s gear store you’ll find awesome sale – if you happen to spend 75 or more bucks purchasing anything from gear store you’ll be rewarded by Funko Mystery Mini Gift! Shipping is free globaly! At the same time J!NX have announced their Summer Siege Sale – all tees cost 30% less!


      ESL to host NA Road to Blizzcon!
Image titleAs it was previously announced by Blizzard – Heroes will be a part of this year Blizzcon World Championship! Recently ESL announced details about Road to Blizzcon, event that will allow players to qualify to BWC. Event will be split into three parts that will happen in June, July and August. Each part will grant the winners prize money and the slot for the main event. For more detailed info check the links below.

      ETS playoffs have started!
Image titleQualifiers that had been running for 2 months now are finally finished and ETS organizers are happy to announce the start of the Playoff phase! With 12 teams qualified through and 4 invited teams as well as superb prize poll the event is looking fantastic! Playoff phase is said to last 3 days starting on 5
th of June at 14 00 CEST with BO3 until finals and Double Elimination format. Khaldor is announced as the main caster for the event, more details as well as brackets and streams can be found here -

      Team Liquid to be a part of the superb contest!
Image titleTeam Liquid together with Namecheap and Team Razer have announced intimidating contest! Contest offers some incredible prizes like trip to LCS, DreamHack with travel and accomodations! Prizes doesn’t end on that! You can also win invitation to special dinner with team members and staff as well as coaching from best teams in the world! Also Razer is allowing you to win some gear and other swag! More detailed info and the actual press release -

      Interview with the ETS qualified teams!
Image titleTo hype the ETS playoffs Gamers2, Nihilium and Alternate Fancy have been recently interviewed by Dorazion from GosuGamers. Each team has been asked to depict their qualifiers experience and tell their thoughts about the Playoffs and their plans for the whole event. Other than that Nick asked teams about their rivals and strategies they are expecting to see in the tournament. Lastly teams talked about the approach to the event and what are they gonna do with the prizes. Very interesting and insightful content, definitely check it out!


      Guild Wars 2 comes to Heroes of the Storm!
Image titleYou might be wondering WTH are Guild Wars2 logo doing up there! Well the answer is simple – the Reddit user named “SoManyofThese” recently suggested very cool concept for the Heroes named “Reward Tracks”. While the concept itself sound very cool and creative – for example author suggests that you can choose a reward path not only for goods in Heroes but for other Blizzard games, let’s say Diablo and upon reaching the milestone you’ll get some amazing in-game rewards like bag of legendaries, the whole concept sounds very, very familiar to the system implemented in the GW2 by the same name. Check out the idea though, it looks superb and refreshing!

      My life for Aiur Lich King!
Image titleReddit user named “UPRC” did an interesting conclusion, based on many surveys. He tells that number one most wanted hero for Heroes of the Storm is Kel’Thuzad! No wonder, actually. Famous necromancer has been around since Warcraft III, at least. Was the advisor of Arthas when he was still Death Knight and was the reason why Archimonde entered the Azeroth and attempted to destroy Dallaran! Check Kel’Thuzad’s lore here and proceed to image gallery to see all other wanted heroes.


      How (not) to Team Fight!
Image titleVery insightful guide for new players on the topic of team fighting in HOTS by “Mr_G_Allmighty”. Guide covers all the basics of team fighting – you’ll get to know when you’re supposed to fight and when it’s better to back off. Author will break down the roles and steps of team fight. Lastly guide will introduce reader to the topic of target focus. Very neat and informative guide with general breakdown and some useful tips! Don’t miss it! It might save a few games or allies for ya!

      Johanna the winner by Josh Orona!
Image titlePassionate HOTS player from has posted basic overview about Crusader of Zakarum. Article will introduce players to this wonderful Diablo 3 warrior. Guide will start with the explanation of abilities, talents and ultimaties. Guide is illustrated and worked through on very high level  – you’ll get to know all the images as well as cooldowns and other vital info like mana cost or damage increase with level progression.

      Best new player guide ever!
Image titleGreatly worked through and in-depth guide have been done by Team Liquid forum users! Guide features everything new player might need to know about the game. And when I tell everything, I mean it! Starting with main menu screen and ending up with terminology article will guide you through every aspect of the game be it heroes and their talents, abilities and ultimates or game maps, mechanics or structures. Damn! The guide even provides info about different phases of the game, teamfighting and UI. If that wasn’t enough alredy, article will provide tons of tips and info on how to comeback and things to remember!

      Sand King Sun King strikes back!
Image titleAs always guide from Icy Veins have very good article structure – everything is on its place and you have nice table of contents to jump between topics. Guide consists of 6 parts, each providing enough info for reader to be good at the mentioned topic. Article is written by top MMR ranked NA player so guide is very insightful and will allow you to excel your Kael level of play if treated seriously enough! Enjoy!



      Dustin Browder interview by Eurogamer

EuroGamer did quick, before the lunch launch interview with HOTS Game Director - Dustin Browder. The interview will shed the light on the future development of the Heroes. It will highlight the changes developers are planning to implement as well as discuss some topics that have been bothering the community for a while now, like patches, hero release rates and matchmaking issues.

      Chris Sigaty about HOTS as E-Sport!

After brief overview of e-sport news Hingers, the host of the show, well met will meet Chris Sigaty in person. They will discuss future of Heroes as cyber-sport! Talk will start from retrospective – the past of other Blizzard games that became well known e-sport games and will progress towards HOTS, with explanation what company is planning to do to achieve even greater results with Heroes of the Storm.

      Chris Sigaty and Alan Dabiri talk launch and future of Heroes

This half an hour interview with devs will show us what they think about the Launch and Launch event. Then we will get to know what Blizzard been developing prior to game Launch and what plans they have for post-launch development of HOTS. For example guests will talk about leaver system improvements or map and hero creation and release rates.


      Top competitive moments by GGnet

In this week’s episode#2 we will see tons of awesome moments form differnet teams and events. VOD will start off with SK versus Cast Aside battling on Blackheart’s Bay followed up with WCA semifinal of Zeveron clashing against Tempo Storm on Dragon Shire with very close and amazing ending. Next up we will be shown ZOTAC monthly final match between Fnatic and Na’vi, oh my! That turnaround! The number two play will be between SK and CBT trading their cores in scrim match. Lastly we will see amazing game ending from Tempo Storm in the first WCA match of the finals between Tempo Storm and C9.

      Heroes of the Storm Hottest Top 5 Plays of the Week #32

HeroesForecast is back with awesome 32nd edition of Hottest Top 5 Plays! Watch incredible wombo-combo on Sky temple featuring Gazlord with Grav-O-Bomb. Witness Nova scoring mega-kill on Haunted Mines and “kill the core” meta executed in usual pub game! Action doesn’t stop here! See how E.T.C. helps his team to score superb teamwipe by landing five man Mosh Pit! Lastly witness epic Tyrande all killing enemy team with single owl!


      Johanna - First Impressions Gameplay

Seems like there is a place even for Dark Lord in the Nexus. Dark Vader is back with new video. This time it’s Johanna gameplay. As always author will start with quick introduction - overview of the abilities, talents and ultimates. Gameplay will be featured afterwards and will provide both entertaining and insightful match on Sky Temple in Quick Match mode.  

      TGN Squadron LIVE | Heroes of the Storm ft. MFPallyTime | HoTs | TGN

This 2 hour footage will show you TGN squad playing as five Johannas in Hero League match! Just kidding! There is no mirror match in HOTS yet! But we can hope! Anyways let’s talk about VOD. Video features TGN crew playing in Quick Match mode. They’ll be discussing recent events like Launch and Launch Event while playing matches with different characters and having fun by doing some stupid things!

      Johanna gameplay

Quick Sky Temple match will showcase recently released hero - Johanna herself, played by Force Strategy Gaming. Match will show power of Johanna on this map - watch how effective she can be while holding shrines and battling opponents at the same time. As always FSG will provide nice commentary to the gameplay in terms of decision making and entertainment.


      Johanna – Basics of gameplay

Very nice, new player friendly video overview of Johanna. Introduction of the abilities, talents and overall hero characteristic will be the start of the guide. Once you are familiar with that stuff video will guide you through gameplay process while explaining pros and cons of Crusader of Zakarum. Neat basic guide for new players by MeatHeadMikhail.

      Johanna - Quick Guide (Talent Build)

Finally new astonishing guide from GetBonkd. When it comes to video approach this guy is incredible! I greatly adore the way he renders his videos! Fascinating video demonstrations will familiarize viewer with abilities, ultimates and talents. Each of them will be featured in its own small video showcasing its effect and animation! In the end VOD will show mix of moments that provide tips for different gameplay situations, again visually demonstrated!

      Zeratul AA/VP (EU) Build Guide by C9 Fan, Rank 1 Masters League!

AA(auto attack) Zeratul build has gained much popularity in both casual and professional matches lately. C9 Fan will explain the reasons as well as analyze a game on Tomb of the Spider Queen map. Be careful! Guide is done by professional NA player. If treated seriously, can make Master Zeratul from you!

      Hero Spotlight : Raynor

Wow! Some attention for lonely Jim here! This video by will shed light on gameplay of this underused hero. You’ll get know why he is underused one the best AA damage dealers in the game and what are the pros and cons of Renegade Commander.


      TeamLiquid vs. Arthas (Bo5) - Grand Final of Hitbox Invitational

At last someone was able to play on par with Team Liquid and show the world that they are not unbeatable! If you are new to the pro scene or happen to miss this match or you just want to see of the best series in Heroes to date and the superb level of play, this is the game to watch! As always brought to you by amazing Khaldor


      Rank WIN | Competitive Duo Hero League | Hengest and FourCourtJester | HoTs

Watch Hengest and FourCourtJester doing their best to climb rank one! This time guys are very close - they are at rank two! Watch the video to find out will they be able to overcome the final boss on their path - the big bad ass "The Game Has Launched".


      Welcome to the KaelJAM!

Azmodunk - the almighty Lord of the Carpet himself is now rivaled! Behold the rise of new dunking God - KaelJam the almighty Lord of the Swag! Watch him under perfoming on the highest level possible!

      Nexus Calling Report - Khaldor at the Heroes of the Storm Launch event

Hear the cool story bro from Khaldor about the time he spent in London during the Launch event! Also listen him providing some insightful feedback as the caster who attended the event in person and didn’t watch it online.

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