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Novus Inceptio

is a 3D postapocalyptic MMORPG with sci-fi/fantasy elements. Aim of the game is not to follow current MMO games, but to create integrated living world that is not... read more

Novus Inceptio - Steam Greenlight is coming

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Novus Inceptio has entered its new phase. Preparations for Steam Greenlight are underway.

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As you can see Martin has started preparations for the Early Access in autumn. Fee €90 has been paid and now nothing than just more hard work awaits for everyone involved in the development :-).

We wish the team enough strength and patience because they will need it.

The complete information on Steam could be found here.

Future plan for Q4 2015:

If the project will become greenlighted then there are intentions to launch Early Access in the autumn of 2015. In the future the EA will support the further project’s development and progress – mainly to implement the full MMO version of Novus Inceptio.

First available version will be only a single player version but with online features – called GHOST mode.

  • All the data about your character (stats, items in inventory etc.) will be saved on the server and ready for the future transfer to the MMO version. 

  • Therefore playing the Early Access will not be just about testing but also about your preparation (skilling up) your character for the MMO world. 

  • Trading with other players will be possible with the help of remote communication (not face2face). Also the elementary survival features of the game will be functional. 

  • World will not be just a passive playground. Trees, bushes, rocks, everything you see will be interactive. 

  • Playable builder mode to create houses, start farming etc. will be implemented too.

And a lot more.

Below is posted a video from the Czech GameDay festival which was used for the presentation.

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