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Name Country Engines Platforms
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Grasshopper Manufacture Unreal Engine 4 PlayStation 4
Nihon Falcom Japan PlayStation 3; PlayStation Vita; PC; PlayStation 4
Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation 4
Double Eleven PC
Coilworks PC
Haemimont Games PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux; PlayStation 4
TAMSOFT PC; PlayStation 4; PlayStation Vita
Arc System Works Japan Unreal Engine 3 PlayStation 3; PlayStation 4; Arcade; PlayStation Vita; PC
The Young Socratics Pc; Mac
Juggler Games PC
Blackcloud BSG LLC PC
Criterion Games Dreamcast; PC; Windows
Saber Interactive PC
Square Enix 1st Production Department Unreal Engine 4 PlayStation 4; Xbox One
Eyedentity Games PC
Elden Pixels PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux
Gamious PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux
Boxelware PC; Steam OS; Linux
Anoman Studio PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux
The Foregone Syndicate PC
Lunchtime Studios, LLC PC; Mac
CyberLightGameStudios Unreal Engine 4 PC
Thunder Lotus Games Canada PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Wii U; PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux
VIS-Games PC
UIG International GmbH PC; Steam OS; Linux
Brainseed Factory PC
Expansive Worlds PC
Nintendo EPD Japan Nintendo 3DS; Wii U; Nintendo DS; IOS; Android; iOS; Nintendo Switch
Indigo Entertainment PC; Steam
Ascanio Entertainment PC
Sparkypants Studios LLC PC
Kverta PC; Steam OS; Linux
Pinokl Games PC; Steam OS; Linux
Spiders France PC; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Brace Yourself Games PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux
Secret Sorcery PlayStation VR
SimProse Studios PC
Atlus Japan PC; PlayStation 3; PlayStation 4; Xbox 360; Xbox One; Wii U; Nintendo 3DS; PlayStation Vita; Wii; PlayStation 2; PlayStation Portable
Arkane Studios France Void (id Tech 5) PC; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
34BigThings srl Italy PC; HTC Vive
Outer Brain Studios PC; HTC Vive
The Behemoth United States PC
Bulkhead Interactive United Kingdom PC; Steam; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Konami Digital Entertainment PC
WhiteSponge Singapore PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux
Stonehill Games Germany PC
PedroNunes PC; Linux
Darril Arts s.r.l. Unreal Engine PC; PlayStation 4; Steam OS
Ryu ga Gotoku Studio PlayStation 3; PlayStation Network (PS3); PlayStation 4
Desert Fox PC