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Name Country Engines Platforms
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Airship Syndicate PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux
Krillbite Studio Norway Unity PC; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Linux; OS X; Mac
Juvty Worlds Mac; PC; Linux
Fishing Cactus PC
Massive Work Studio Unreal Engine 4 PC
Anthony Tan Unreal Engine 4 PC; Consoles TBC
RageSquid PC
Stunlock Studios Sweden PC
Automaton Games CryEngine PC
Konami Fox Engine Super NES; PC; PS4; Xbox One
Rockstar Games PlayStation 4; Xbox One
7Levels PC; Nintendo Switch
Little Green Men Games PC
TreeView Studios PC
Omega Force PC; PlayStation 4; PlayStation 3; PlayStation Vita; Xbox One; Nintendo Switch
Evolution Studios PC
Warhorse studios Czech Republic CryEngine PC; Linux; Mac; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
CD Projekt RED Sp. z o.o. Poland PC; PlayStation 3; PlayStation 4; Xbox 360; Xbox One
Dire Wolf Digital PC
Epic Games Unreal Engine 3 PC; PlayStation 4; MacOS; Xbox One
Darril Arts s.r.l. Unreal Engine PC; PlayStation 4; Steam OS
Spotlightor Interactive Xbox One
Rocketcat Games PC; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch; Xbox One
Square Enix PhyreEngine; Unity Engine 5; Crystal Tools; Unreal Engine 4 PlayStation 3; PlayStation 4; PlayStation Vita; IOS; Android; iOS; NEC PC-6001; OS X; Xbox One; Xbox 360; FOMA 903i; Nintendo 3DS; Nintendo Switch
DA games PC
Roll7 United Kingdom PC; IOS; Android
Piece of Cake studios PC
Multithreaded Games PC; Linux; Mac
10tons Ltd Finland Android; PlayStation 3; Windows; PC; PlayStation 4; Windows Phone; PlayStation Vita; Mac; Arcade; iOS; Steam OS; Linux; IOS; Xbox; IPhone; IPad; iPhone; iPad; Xbox One; Nintendo Switch
Behaviour Digital Inc. Canada PC; IOS; Android
Digital Extremes Canada Evolution PC; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Lusorion Creatives Czech Republic PC
Press Play PC; Xbox One; Xbox 360; Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4
PolyKnight Games PC
Bloober Team SA Poland PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux; SteamOS; Android
Capcom PC; PlayStation 4; Linux; Xbox One; Nintendo 3DS; Nintendo DS; Android; IOS; iOS; Super NES; Wii U; PlayStation 2; Xbox 360; PlayStation 3; Nintendo Switch
Broken Arrow Games PC
Cinopt Studios PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux; Android; Xbox One
Crescent Moon Games PC; Mac; Steam OS; Linux; Android; Xbox One
KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. PlayStation 3; PlayStation 4; PlayStation Vita; Nintendo 3DS; PC; Nintendo Switch; Xbox One
CAPCOM CO., LTD. PC; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
Battlestate Games Unity 5 PC; Mac
The Fullbright Company United States Unity Linux; PC; OS X; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
Obsidian Entertainment United States PC; Mac; SteamOS; Linux; Xbox 360; PlayStation 3
4A Games Malta 4A Engine PC; OS X; Linux; Xbox 360; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
Nordic Games Austria PC; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Wii U
Grimlore Games Germany PC
Orange_Juice Board Game; PC
Kukouri PC; Android; IOS; Windows Phone