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Phoning Home

is an exploration survival game with a main character like no other - ION, a small but versatile little robot. read more

Platforms MacPC
Themes Sci-Fi
Developers IonLands...
Status: Released
Release: 30-Mar-2016

is an exploration survival game with a main character like no other - ION, a small but versatile little robot.

In this game you join small robot ION on his biggest adventure. ION has to survive on an unknown planet full of dangers. After crash-landing his ship is almost completely destroyed, and if he’s ever going to escape he must find a way to signal his home planet for help.Image title


ION has the ability to communicate with his ship’s intelligence, receiving important tips on how to survive and how to craft useful items from the random objects he finds. During his adventures he discovers a portal leading to another place.

He decides to take a leap of faith and enter the portal. His life is forever changed when he meets ANI, another even smaller robot who needs his help. They face wild and dangerous creatures that don’t care much for small robots. They discover signs of a civilization, but find no intelligent life.Image titleImage title


You play ION in third or first person perspective, move via the WASD keys and rotate the camera freely with your mouse. ION can fly for a limited amount of time. These bursts must be timed carefully to avoid damage from harsh landings. Flying for too long will also consume your precious energy reserves that must be replenished. 

On your journey into the unknown you will face grave dangers, overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and solve riddles. Image title

The game is set in an open world with realistic time-of-day lighting and varied weather conditions and temperatures. From forests and snowy mountains to volcanoes, canyons and deserts – you need to find your way. The different areas are connected via portals, but beware: once you enter a portal, you can’t use the same portal to go back. 

When you free ANI from the claws of a huge spider the gameplay changes drastically. While ANI is a big help in combat, she can’t fly. You need to craft a temporal teleportation device to move ANI around obstacles that you would overcome by flying. Sometimes you will need to find clever ways to accomplish this in order to move on. The solutions to exploration and survival are not always obvious, but they are out there somewhere and these two robots have quite a few tricks up their non-existing sleeves.Image title

Collect and craft

While exploring this new world you will discover a wide range of collectible items, which in turn will unlock new items to be created. You can craft improvements like shields, powerful lasers and other devices. You will also need to create power cells and fuel to replenish the energy that your thruster and other devices require to function.



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