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Ori and the Blind Forest

is an upcoming platform adventure video game designed by Moon Studios, an independent developer, and published by Microsoft Studios. read more

Platforms Xbox 360PCXbox One
Themes Fantasy
Developers Moon Studios...
Status: Released
Release: 11-Mar-2015

is an upcoming platform adventure video game designed by Moon Studios, an independent developer, and published by Microsoft Studios.

The game is currently scheduled to be published in early 2015 for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. An Xbox 360 version was initially proposed, but its status is uncertain.

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The player controls Ori, a white guardian spirit. Long ago, Ori fell into the forest and was adopted by a bear-like creature who raises Ori as its child. A malevolent entity, Kuro, appears and takes Ori's mother from him, forcing Ori to explore the forest on his own. Initially, Ori is very weak and can only jump about. During the game, Ori meets Sein/saɪn/, who will both guide Ori on his adventure and attack enemies. As the player gains experience, they may choose new abilities for Ori and Sein, allowing Ori to explore more of the game world.

In addition to save points scattered in the game, players can create "soul links" at any time they choose to serve as checkpoints. However, soul links can only be created using special resources collected during gameplay; the needed resources are not in abundant supply, forcing players to create them only when necessary.

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Ori and the Blind Forest is being developed by Moon Studios, a worldwide collaboration of designers and programmers who have been working on the game for the past four years, with Microsoft acquiring the game about a year after development started. One of the lead team members is Thomas Mahler, an artist formerly working with Blizzard Entertainment. According to Microsoft producer Daniel Smith, Moon Studios is not located in any one location, but instead staffers can be found throughout the world, from Austria to Australia and Israel to the United States. Gameplay programmer David Clark described the team as being inspired by current and classic adventure games, notably the Rayman and Metroid franchises, and that Ori is intended as a "love letter" to those games.

The core components of the game story have not been revealed, although the designers say they were guided by works such as The Lion King and The Iron Giant and that it would be a "coming-of-age story". The art style is meant to appear hand-drawn, similar to the more recent Rayman titles that utilize Ubisoft's "UbiArt" graphics engine; the game instead uses the Unity engine. The game takes place in one large map, and is planned to be rendered at 1080P and 60 frames per second with no visible loading time as the player explores. According to Mahler, the game's backgrounds are all individual components, with none duplicated as in other similar titles. As an example, Mahler explained, "You see this tree in the background and this mushroom and this rock? That's the one and only place you'll ever see those assets."

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The game was first unveiled at E3 2014 during Microsoft's pre-show press conference at the Galen Center; E3 was also the first time a number of Moon Studios employees had actually met face-to-face. Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi, in charge of marketing for Xbox One, stated that they considered opening the conference with Ori, but instead chose Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. During E3, attendees waited in long lines in order to play a demo version of the game, often waiting in queues 7-8 people deep for each of the four consoles featuring the game.

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Sometime after E3, Moon Studios announced on the game website that an Xbox 360 version of Ori and the Blind Forest was in development and planned for release sometime in early 2015. In November 2014, Moon Studios updated the status of the game and announced plans to push back the launch of the title into "early 2015" for Xbox One and PC, but no further mention of the Xbox 360 version was made at the time.

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