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Grey Goo

is a real-time strategy game with roots in classic strategy mechanics, set for release early in 2015 on the PC. read more


Grey Goo - upcoming RTS January 23rd on Steam

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Grey Goo - upcoming RTS January 23rd on Steam...

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Creators of Command & Conquer and Star WArs: Empire at Wars have announced that their upcoming RTS is coming to steam on 23rd January. Great news for all fans because it seems that the alpha testing was so successful that the developers decided to go directly for launch.

What is the game about except the RTS game style?

Grey Goo is based on the concepts from the Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) which means that the enemies will adapt their AI to your behaviour. If it will work then you can have a game which will be completely different every time you start it.

Watch the game in action in the following recorded livestream for almost 1 hour and a half:

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