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Oldschool feel with a modern twist: Project Automata

Author: DJPaultjeD

Category: Opinion

If you are like me and you loved playing the old Transport Tycoon and Sid Meier's Trains! games, then you will love Project Automata!

Oldschool feel with a modern twist: Project Automata
I used to love playing the old Tycoon games when I was a kid. Transport Tycoon, Sid Meier's Trains! And that hasn't changed. I still spend some time playing with trains in Train Fever and recently Project Automata.

Build factories, construct efficient transport lines, move raw resources, produce finished goods and arrange trade with the world's developing cities, providing them with the materials they need to flourish - for as they grow and prosper, you do too.

Strategically place your headquarters, factories, warehouses, and resource gatherers to make optimal use of the terrain available to you, while leaving the cities on the map with plenty of room to expand themselves.

Trade with the cities you encounter, providing them with the requested resources or products in exchange for resource rewards and persistent buffs to your industrial capability. Unlock new town levels as you satisfy more and more of the growing city's needs, earning yourself greater and greater rewards each time.

Build roadways to facilitate the transportation of both raw and finished materials at every stage of the journey; from resource gatherer to warehouse to factory to the final stop at a city's trade depot, your transportation network is the lifeblood of your industrial empire.

Get resources, build factories and sell goods: Project Automata
Project Automata went to Kickstarter on October 1st, and will be on there till the end of this month. So if you like Tycoon and Transport games, go download the new demo and check out the game. If you do, help them reach their goal on Kickstarter!

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I've played the demo a few times. It's already pretty fun trying out the product chains.

Yes it's a fun game allready! Trains are coming in next and the developer told me that cities and other buildings will be added soon!


4 months ago by DJPaultjeD
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I've played the demo a few times. It's already pretty fun trying out the product chains.


4 months ago by JeStoneIV
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