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Rust Devblog 131

Author: DJPaultjeD

Category: News

Rust, a survival game that has been in pre release since 2013 got another update. Get spelunking! Caves are on prerelease. Also, the MP5 is now in game and the LR300 is craftable!

Rust Devblog 131
Get spelunking! Caves are on prerelease. Also, the MP5 is now in game, the LR300 is craftable, and more.

The developers at Facepunch Studios never get bored. Especially when you release a game update every other week! This is one we've been waiting for! A new cave system will be added to the prerelease branch!

The new cave system coming to Rust!
The new update also brings two new craftable guns to the main branch of the game. The MP5, craftable at level 25 and the LR300 is now craftable as well at level 30!

LR300 Low Poly Model in Rust
MP5 Rifle now in Rust
The silencer also has been buffed in the game. You now no longer see tracers when firing with a silencer on your weapon. The sound heard from a silenced gun has been reduced from 100 m. to 40 m.

Read the full devblog and changelog here.

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