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TinyWars extends Fan-Art Contest & number of winners

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

Due to the vast amount of interest received over its final days and several missing out on the original announcements, the TinyWars fan-art contest has now officially been extended by another week. Plus up to seven winners will now be awarded limited edition merchandise.

TinyWars extends Fan-Art Contest & number of winners
13th September 2016, Higher Eclectic Ground – Considering the upsurge of entries and interest received by the TinyWars Fan-Art Contest over the course of its final days, developers Bizurk Software have officially extended the Contest period by another week.

Originally meant to conclude by midnight of yesterday, the 12th of September, the Contest will now end by the 19th of this month. Justifying the team's reasoning behind the same, Lead Developer Andrew Taraba explains --

'We received so many fan art submissions in the final days of our contest; Plus several of the art groups that we actively post on have members who felt like they “missed out” on the contest.' 

A few recent entries can be seen below:

TinyWars extends Fan-Art Contest & number of winnersTinyWars extends Fan-Art Contest & number of winners
In context of the same, the total number of winners picked by the Contest have also been increased from five to seven. This means that while the winning categories of --
  • Best Overall Artwork, one winner
  • Best Fit For The Game’s ‘Tiny’ Theme, two winners
  • Most Unique Style, one winner
  • Creator’s Pick, one winner
will stay the same, the two added winners shall fall within either of the four as decided by the panel of judges.

Furthermore, prizes awarded to these additional winners will be the same as that being offered to the original five -- limited edition character wall scrolls from the Tower Defence game's universe.

'We never expected to have received as many submissions as we did!' Taraba reveals. 'Had we known we were going to get over 25 submissions for this contest we would have ordered way more wall-scrolls!'
TinyWars extends Fan-Art Contest & number of winners
Launched on the 25th of August, the TinyWars Fan-Art Contest is developer Bizurk Software's token of gratitude to a community of anime enthusiasts that has been contributing to the upcoming tower defence game's lore since its infancy.

Open to international participants, one may submit a multitude of entries to the same provided they are limited to one per day. While all entries need to be uploaded to the game's DeviantArt group, those without a DeviantArt account can still participate via E-mail, or by tagging in the team on relevant social media posts.

More information and visual references can be availed of in the contest's official declaration of rules and terms.

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