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Could the theme of the next Sims 4 expansion be LEAKED?

Author: DJPaultjeD

Category: News

The owner of the SimScraper website got an e-mail from a Sims dev, revealing some of the features in the next expansion.

  Could the theme of the next Sims 4 expansion be LEAKED?

We all have been waiting a while now for the next real expansion pack for the Sims 4. Although I must admit that I love the idea of the stuff and content packs way more then the idea of expansions alone.

The owner of the SimScraper website published a picture on Twitter in which he shows an e-mail he got from one of the Developers of The Sims 4. In this e-mail the developer reveals that there will be more than one trait available in the game, the returning of Sushi and other Asian foods in the game, and maybe even returning The Band system which can be used in Get Together's Club system.
Leaked mail from Sims 4 DevSpeculations from Sims fans is that this may well be the City update a lot of fans have been waiting for!
Stay tuned for more Sims 4 news and updates.

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