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World of Final Fantasy

is an upcoming role-playing video game being developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita consoles. It was first announced during... read more


World of Final Fantasy anime teased at PAX West

Author: David Lozada

Category: News

A new trailer released yesterday at PAX West for the upcoming JRPG revealed a new art style for the game, potentially implying that the title will be getting an anime adaptation in the near future. Square Enix went on to mention that more information will be shared at Tokyo Game Show in two weeks.

World of Final Fantasy anime teased at PAX West
An anime series might have been teased at the end of a new trailer shown off by Square Enix yesterday for their upcoming JRPG World of Final Fantasy.

During a panel at PAX West, a host revealed that that the team had a new art style to show off from the game, but that it won't be talked about again until Tokyo Game Show in two weeks. This new style, seen towards the end of the video below, is in the vein of an anime, which could possibly hint at a future series.

It's important to mention that the host did not confirm if this was in-game or something separate.

World of Final Fantasy will be launching on October 25 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America, and October 27 and October 28 in Japan and Europe, respectively.

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