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ITN Productions are a game changer at the fift TIGA Awards

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Today, TIGA, the network for video games developers and digital publishers, has announced that its fifth annual Games Industry Awards will feature a media partnership with ITN Productions. The prestigious award ceremony at the spectacular Christ Church Spitalifields, a restored Hawksmooor Baroque church, in London’s East End, will be filmed by ITN Productions and will also feature the premier of the programme Changing the Game - a documentary focusing on the video games industry.

TIGA Games Industry Awards 2016In a unique communications partnership with TIGA, ITN Productions will premier its news and current affairs-style programme which will explore the future of the gaming industry. It will tell the story of a thriving industry that given the right support and encouragement at home, could see the UK reach its full potential on the global stage.

The aim is to share knowledge and heighten awareness among policy makers, politicians and the wider public about the significant role that the gaming sector plays in the strength of the UK economy. Not only this, but also to challenge & change perceptions, show the prospect of a satisfying career in a dynamic and alluring sector and give the sector the exposure and recognition that it deserves.
TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson said:

“This unique and exciting partnership between TIGA and ITN Productions is fitting as we see both the games industry and our awards programme go from strength to strength. The premier of Changing The Game at this year’s award ceremony will showcase our thriving industry on a night where we recognise the achievements, successes and accomplishments of the games industry. I would like to remind all entrants that the deadline for entry is fast approaching, please ensure your entries are in by 23:59 on the 12th August 2016.”

The TIGA Games Industry Awards uniquely recognises excellence in games development, business and education. There are 36 categories which are divided in two groups: the ‘Games Awards’ which are open to the entire industry, and the ‘Business Of Games Awards’ which are reserved for TIGA members. There are two special Awards (reserved for TIGA members): ‘Game Of The Year’, which is chosen by the development community through a public vote; and ‘Outstanding Individual Of The Year’, which is chosen by TIGA judges.

1.     Best Game on The Amazon Appstore
2.     Best Action and Adventure Game              
3.     Best Arcade Game                    
4.     Best Casual/Social Game                
5.     Best Educational Game
6.     Best Racing Game
7.     Best Sports Game
8.     Best Strategy Game
9.     Best Role Playing Game
10.   Best Puzzle Game
11.   Best Creative Gameplay
12.   Best Debut Game
13.   Diversity Award
14.   Most Original Game
15.   Best Audio Design
16.   Best Visual Design
17.   Best Game by a Small Studio
18.   Best Art/Animation/Trailer Supplier
19.   Best Audio Supplier
20.   Best Education Initiative and Talent Development
21.   Best Educational Institution
22.   Best Independent Studio: large
23.   Best Independent Studio: small
24.   Best In-house Studio
25.   Outstanding Leadership Award
26.   Best Legal Services Supplier
27.   Best Publisher
28.   Best QA Provider
29.   Best Recruitment Agency
30.   Best Start Up
31.   Best Tax and Accountancy Firm
32.   UK Heritage Award
33.   Best Engines, Middleware, Tools and Technology Award
34.   Best Technical Innovation
35.   Outstanding Individual Award
36.   Game of the Year

The TIGA Games Industry Awards will be held on Thursday November 10th 2016.
To enter or find more information, go to and stay up to date by following TIGA on twitter at  @TIGAMovement, whilst keeping an eye out for the #TIGAAwards hashtag.

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