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E3 2016 Predictions

Author: Danielle Crowder

Category: Opinion

In two weeks from now is E3 2016 and in preparations I wanted to share with you my predictions for what I think will all be revealed at this year's E3's press conference.

We are only two weeks away from E3 a week full of amazing upcoming and new games for 2016 and beyond. So in preparation for this I wanted to share my predictions for what I think will be revealed at this year's E3. As we know of we won't see anything from Disney Interative, Activision, and Wargaming. Also we will not be getting a Digital Event from Nintendo, but we will be getting a full day live treehouse stream for the all new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U and NX. Along with new live gameplay for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Then on Day 2 we will have a treehouse live stream featuring the upcoming games for Wii U and 3DS.

EA logo

So let's begin with EA predictions I think they will show new footage for Battlefield 1, if not there then it will definitely be shown on Microsoft's press conference. The same goes for Titanfall 2, and Mass Effect Andromeda. Other than that I don't know what else will be shown. Maybe some stuff for Battlefront, and Star Wars The Old Republic,maybe some future DLC for Mirror's Edge Catalyst and maybe some sports games, and some mobile games, but other than that I have no idea.

Bethesda logo

Moving on to Bethesda predictions. I want to know what the next new Skyrim game will be, either that or see new content for The Elder Scrolls Online. We will probably see something for Dishonered 2, but I'm not sure what else we'll really see.

That's all I'll I think that will be shown on Sunday during EA's and Bethesda press conferences. Let's move on to predictions for the Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony press conferences on Tuesday.

Microsoft logo
I think one of the big games that I'm really excited to see at Microsoft's conference is Recore. I really loved the trailer that was shown at last year's conference and I hope that we get an all new trailer along with all new gameplay, because I wanted to know more about this game. I want to see more gameplay for Sea of Thieves that looks really good. Now I don't know if will get anything for Halo, because last year fans got Halo 5 so don't get your hopes, but they may show something, but like I said don't be expecting anything. Of course we'll see the all new Call of Duty game, and Battlefield One, along with Watch Dogs 2. We will see Destiny Rise of Iron, but the thing is I don't if they'll do this I don't know if it time for it or not, but I think we'll see an announcement for Destiny 2. Now hardware wise there have been rumors that there is new console in the works, and since Sony and Nintendo are not showing there new consoles now is a good time to show it, and I would like to see how the all new HoloLens works along with this new console. They'll probably show some stuff for Steam maybe. I would love to see a steam mobile app announced during Microsoft's conference.

Ubisoft logo

Okay moving on to predictions for Ubisoft now I'll not be watching this one because I seriously do not care for Ubisoft's press conference. I watch some of it last year and I just didn't care. Not only that so far as I know of there isn't that many Ubisoft games that I'm excited for. I mean I'm sure people will be excited to see the new Ghost Recon game, South Park: The Fractured, But Hole, maybe Watch Dogs 2 if it's not shown during Microsoft's press conference, and Splinter Cell. But other than that I just don't see games from Ubisoft that excite me, but who knows maybe they'll show something we don't know about.

PlayStation logo

Now we move onto Sony's press conference, but here's the thing I kinda have some mixed feelings for this, because recently there have been leaks for a few games that I would have liked to have seen revealed at the conference, and although I'm still excited for these games the hype tor these games isn't gonna be as big as how it would be if these were released during the press conference, and those games are Yooka- Layee, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Circle, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8. However although I am bummed that these were leaked, but I'm mostly excited because we're going to see a whole bunch of games. The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ni No Kuni 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Sword Art Online Hollow Realization, and Persona 5 and so on. I think we'll get some indie games. Now first I want to see a good game for One Piece, because although we recently got Burning Blood I could care less for that game, because there really wasn't any single player content. I thought that it was gonna be like the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
series. So I want to see a good One Piece game. The next thing I want to see a Hunter X Hunter RPG that series is perfect for a open world RPG, because all I want to do is to become a hunter and explore that vast world. The next thing I want to see is a confirmation date for No Man's Sky. Recently it was announced that it was delayed I wouldn't be surprised if it was because of VR, but I want to know what the actual date for it will be. Next I want to see either a completely new game from Naughty Dog or a new Crash Bandicoot game, and I would like either one I want to see what other stuff Naughty Dog can do, and even that wasn't the case I would love to see a new Crash Bandicoot game, because I wasn't fully introduced to the series. The only Crash game I played was the racing game that was for the iOS. Or maybe it will be something like what the new Ratchet and Clank game was a remaster of the first game.

Nintendo Treehouse logo
That's all I'll I think that will be shown on Monday during Microsoft's, Ubisoft's, and Sony's press conferences. Now I'm gonna skip predictions for Tuesday, and go ahead and talk about predictions for Wednesday, because as I said before. Nintendo won't have a Digital Even this year, but instead we will be getting a full day live treehouse stream for the all new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U and NX. Along with new live gameplay for Pokemon Sun and Moon. However we will have a treehouse live stream on Wednesday featuring the upcoming games for Wii U and 3DS. I think we'll get to see Mother 3. It's been rumored for a while now so I think we'll finally see it. I think we'll see new footage for Paper Mario Color Splash, maybe possible new DLC for Mario Kart 8, release dates for the Corrin, Cloud, and Bayoneta smash Amiibo, maybe some info for the rumored N-stars game, and localization for Detective Pikachu, other than that I don't what else they'll show on Wednesday beside the third party games.

Square Enix Presents logo

That's all I think will be shown on Wednesday during the Day 2 Treehouse Live Stream. Now last we have predictions for Square Enix, now first thing is that they will doing a live stream known as Square Enix Presents it will take place on the same day as Nintendo's Day 1 Treehouse Live Stream, and will end on Thursday. Now the problem with this one is that most of the stuff here will probably be shown during Sony's press conference, or has already been leaked. So unless they're shown some new content we haven't seen already I honestly have no idea what will be revealed.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my predictions for this year's E3, and what do you guys think we'll see at E3, and what do you want to see? Let me know in the comments belies, and if you want to keep up to date on all the E3 updates for Otsku Talk, be sure to click the follow icon at the top banner. And let me know if you want more posts about E3 or on other stuff I should write about let me know. I would really like to talk to you guys, and discuss about everything regarding E3, or you can say just hi :-).

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