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is a class - based medieval Role Playing Shooter. Overpower is easy to play and immediately fun. Choose a class, customize your loadout and join the ranks today. read more


Overpower is releasing on Steam tomorrow!

Author: Veronika

Category: News

Overpower is releasing on Steam Early Access April 20th with several new upgrades. Tomorrow!

Read our review of the game right here.

April 20th is the big day for the whole team of Hydrant Games. Overpower is ready for the upcoming Steam release.
Developers also have made some improvements. Check out some of the new features:
  • 9 Redesigned Levels 
  • Improved Graphics 
  • Brand new UI 
  • New Abilities, Animations, VFX 
  • Game Mode / Combat Polish 
  • Russian Localization (Work in Progress)
And what developers say to players:

"We're very excited to get Overpower into the hands of the players. Please tell your friends and help us spread the word! Thank you so much."

Check out a video of the Assassin destroying his enemies in Deathmatch mode in the Sandpit and a new launch trailer.

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