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Heaven's Hope

tells the story of the Angel Talorel, who has literally fallen from Heaven. He is now stranded on Earth in the 19th century next to a town called Heaven's Hope, having... read more


Heaven's Hope - $200 Giveaway!

Author: KeenGamer

Category: Giveaways

Let's win this cleverly funny point ‘n click adventure game in our new weekly giveaway! Angel Talorel has fallen from Heaven and crash landed in the small town of Heaven’s Hope. Embarking on a fun adventure with some new and unlikely companions Talorel tries to get back home.

win 1 out of 10 KEYS of heaven's hope! each key is worth $20!

The world of Heaven's Hope is charming and crazy at once: you’ll meet a mouse who following a near-death experience, creates Anselm; a trustworthy homunculus who drives Petrus – the guardian of Heaven and much more. Get this game with a hand-drawn beautiful graphics and excellent musical themes for free!

You can read our review to get more information or visit the game's Steam page.

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Heaven's Hope Giveaway

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