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Heaven's Hope

tells the story of the Angel Talorel, who has literally fallen from Heaven. He is now stranded on Earth in the 19th century next to a town called Heaven's Hope, having... read more


Heaven's Hope Review

Author: azarkal

Category: Review

Heaven’s Hope is a point and click adventure made by Mosaic Mask Studios and was released on February 25, 2016 . The game has a classic adventure theme with comedy that mixes in with the dread of the inquisition, secrets/vices of men and mysteries of the small town of heaven’s hope.

The game is at a price of $19.99 on Steam and down below is the starting menu of the game with a neat cover art. 

Heaven's Hope review


Falling from the heavens was never going to be this fun as you help a wayward angel find his way back with the most unconventional means available. Talorel the angel is an eager and honest angel hoping to be an aviator but ends up screwing up his chance over a dare. It has a steady pacing of introducing certain aspects of helping random strangers, relaying the reactions from nature itself and still be on the urgent rush. 

Heaven's Hope reviewHeaven's Hope review

The supporting characters have each a story to tell and some have an added twist to their demeanor. I have enjoyed a few laughs and some I have already suspected having a secret side. Talorel at times has this sort of ignorance and higher understanding that causes conflict to either be given respect or laughed at. Even with the awkward social background that the main character puts off he still tends to connect well with the mortals. The game also introduces certain aspects of the overzealous part of religion versus the perspective of an actual resident of heaven. There are multiple supporting characters that play a part on helping Talorel gain certain items or favors to establish the proper direction. Story itself will change it’s pacing to liven up the mood, challenge the player or just be shocked of whatever chaos is being thrown at him. Now it is up to you to help this angel find his bearings and cleverly search the land for tools and tricks he will need.

Heaven's Hope reviewHeaven's Hope review


Simple point and click options appear on objects/people that can be interacted with. Most of the time it’s a talk option with an icon of lips to start conversations or an icon of an eye that will initiate a description from Talorel’s perspective. The completion rate of the game on the first trial would be 13 hours, even it were for beginners of point and click mystery.

Angelic powers are made available across the game to spice up the pacing of the game as it breaks most known logic and helps to overcome several challenges.

Heaven's Hope review
Movement of this game is based on the player’s choice of direction by dragging the mouse across the screen or double clicking to let Talorel teleport across the map as a glitch. Some of the other basic game mechanics are just pick to up items but will have some restrictions if within a property of an individual.

Heaven's Hope ReviewHeaven's Hope Review

An item bar in the bottom middle of the screen to showcase current inventory and combine items then dragged across the screen if can be applied to certain areas. A fast travel map displays the areas where you have been and can be used to cut down travel time, it will only be interrupted for cut scenes or needed interactions related to the story.

Heaven's Hope Review
Puzzles of this game are entertaining and fit right into the current dilemma with the two heavenly advisors provide adequate commentary for guidance. Some puzzles are burdened with previous decisions but are of no consequence as each puzzle is solved with current items at hand or easy enough to obtain. On certain puzzles the indication marker is not there and will not present itself but will be remedied if you load an auto save from your game file. Clues are hard notice at times and the journal or Talorel won’t keep track of whatever you find, so naturally memory and common sense will be the most dependable sources of success.

Heaven's Hope ReviewHeaven's Hope Review

The Journal will help keep track current progress of items and actions but it is quite messy on the style of font and placement of symbols. The update adjusts the current status of progress and adds or removes certain drawings/words that Talorel has done.The Help icon is really not helpful and just reminds what the first objective of the current mission was. Other games from this type of genre have the help icon highlight the items or give riddles on the necessary objectives for specific puzzles but thankfully most are quite easy to figure out.

Heaven's Hope ReviewHeaven's Hope Review
Heaven's Hope Review

Graphics and Art

The settings for the graphics cannot be changed for a higher quality but can be adjusted for full screen and option for background subtitles. The theme itself is consistent with the medieval times that are under strict grip from an inquisition, but it does have bright colorful designs and cartoon friendly art style. Each of the 30 characters is actually neatly hand drawn and some are even accompanied with their own areas. The locations vary quite nicely and do not leave an after taste of repetitive mark from the previous areas thus it gives each a purpose of it’s own.

Heaven's Hope ReviewHeaven's Hope Review


Excellent musical themes are played out as the player listen to as he moves along with the mission at hand. Changes are made significantly depending on the current mood or state of the characters. The composition for the soundtrack is from a Hollywood composer Jonathan van den Wijngaarden according to the description of the game. The game settings for sound are only ranged from speech/effect/ music volume.

Heaven's Hope Review

Warning: Do not fast travel with the map if you’re trapped/detained otherwise you will skip needed missions and be stuck in progress.

Heaven's Hope Review


I liked the game since it makes use of it’s primary aspects as a game changer from the normal pacing of it’s mundane world. The other benefits of playing is the comedy and mystery that flow well with one another but lacks good voice acting on some characters and a few sensible jokes. Hints and guidance of this are either too easy or useless on solving the problem at hand. Overall it’s a good enough game to pass the time and would recommend my friends to play it.


  • Nostalgic feeling of point and click
  • Interesting new angelic theme than the regular horror, serial killer or demonic themes
  • Mediocre puzzles that can be solved even for beginners


  • Voice acting on some characters are too stiff and heavy
  • You can bypass a few challenges with glitches
  • Game may crash or delete save file if you click too often to let your character teleport or fast travel too often.

SCORE: 7/10

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