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Atomic Society

is focused on setting the laws and morals for hundreds of survivors in a moody and haunting post-apocalyptic city. It is a new indie game developed by Far Road Games. read more


Atomic Society on Kickstarter

Author: Veronika

Category: News

Atomic Society post-apocalyptic city building game with a unique moral choice system is now on Kickstarter. The game is intended for release on PC/Mac/Linux in early 2017.

Atomic Society is a new indie game that is rather different from any other! 

Atomic Society post-apocalyptic town
Atomic Society lets you act as a judge and lawmaker of your own post-apocalyptic city. As you build structures and tend to the community’s needs, controversial and antisocial behaviours will unfold among the population. You will soon be forced to set laws and tackle difficult moral dilemmas in an environment where daily life is a fight for survival.

Atomic Society is inspired by such games as SimCity, The Sims and Tropico but adds in the ability to choose the laws and morals of the people. The game is set in a "Fallout"- inspired world.

If you are interested in this new kind of building game you can support Far Road Games and Atomic Society currently on Kickstarter.

Atomic Society city building gameplayAtomic Society 34 unique building structures

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