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Mad Max

is a post-apocalyptic vehicular combat video game set in an open world environment and based on the Mad Max film series. It is being published by Warner Bros. Interactive... read more


Mad Max - Review

Author: bryanv12

Category: Review

Should you drive past this game or make a quick pit stop?

Mad Max - Review

I'm just casually driving to my next mission marker. I drive and drive and drive, but see nothing as I make my way to my objective. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" A group of four savage men in their machine are looking to take me out and proceed to ambush me. I have nothing more than a few shotgun shells and a level one harpoon. Ultimately forced to leave my vehicle due to extensive damage, now I must engage in melee combat with nothing but my bloodied fist. I have to evade and pray I don't get run down. Eventually the savages of the waste proceed to leave their vehicle to take a chance at killing Max. They were fools to leave their vehicle as Max brutally dominates his opponents. Max stands their waiting for his side kick (Chumbucket) to finish his repairs on Max's Magnum Opus and continues to the mission objective. Anything can happen in these wastelands, but Max is prepared.


Mad Max is about a man called Max and his journey in the wastelands. Developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Released on September 1, 2015, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In Mad Max you drive around from destination to destination helping out the locals. The way you primarily get around is in your car, but there are some sections where Max has to leave the sanctuary of his car to traverse the wastes alone. When you're outside of your car it's definitely not safe, as the savages of the waste will gang up and begin their onslaught. But Max can definitely hold his own, as he as a unique combat style that really capitalizes on a brutal type of fight set. When he's not fighting "mano a mano" on foot; he's tearing it up on the road with his car (The Magnum Opus). A lot of customization lets you really build The Magnum Opus any way you want: as a tank, a speedster, a drifting machine, you name it. Did I mention this game is huge? Because it is.

Mad Max - gameplay

Mad Max - gameplay

 The map is pretty huge. This game follows the trend of what open world games are doing; at that is making it the biggest it can possibly be. Not to mention there are a ton of nooks and crannies for you to explore as well as side quests. You could easily put over 50 or more hours into Mad Max as this game has so much content. Max himself has so much to upgrade. You have to unlock and upgrade using Griffa tokens, but as you progress, you see just what Max can do. There is a good chunk of upgrades to get that make Max more deadly. There are also things here and there that make Max yours, like for example you can change his face. The biggest customization you are going to find is your car. This is your car. You build however you see fit. You can change the engine to make it faster, you can add armour (which makes your car slower), and you can use grinding wheels to damage enemies with some protruding spikes. You can really make the Magnum Opus yours. 

Mad Max is a very good game. Graphically it’s great. Games just keep looking better and better every year. Although there were some major frame rate drops and missing audio cues, in no way did it hinder my experience. There is a lot of content for Mad Max, it might be a little overwhelming, but that just means more game time for you in Mad Max. Of course there are plenty of trophies for you to grab. So if you're an achievement/trophy hunter you are going to have yourself a good time. No micro transactions so you are good to go, but be sure to grab the free dlc in the PlayStation store.

Mad Max - gameplay

Mad Max - gameplay

I really enjoyed my time in Mad Max. What  really surprised me about the game was Max himself. His combat was very brutal  and fun; every time he would fight it was a rush seeing what moves Max would  dish out on his opponents. Max and The Magnum Opus really balance out one  another. You got Max's melee on the ground and The Magnum Opus's vehicular  combat on the road. You get the best of both worlds in Mad Max. The setting is  really gorgeous for an apocalyptic setting. The sand was nice to look at up  close and far away. The fire and the explosions were also amazing. I can really  feel the intensity of the explosions and fire in this game. Even though this  game is great it still has its flaws. Aside from some frame rate drops and  missing audio cues, the story was very inconsistent. The story dissipated  within the first hour for me and I was really struggling to find the main plot.  But maybe it was just the craziness of this world that is the story; events can  change in a matter of seconds. I could spout on and on and try and make sense of the story, but that is a different topic for a different article. 


  • Max

  • The Magnum Opus

  • Graphics

  • Brutality 


  • Dissipating story

  • Visual and audio inconsistencies

Mad Max - gameplay

Mad Max - gameplay

SCORE: 8.5/10

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