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Sniper Fury

is a new free-to-play game from Gameloft developers released on November 18th. This game from Modern Combat creators is first-person shooter and works on the same... read more


Sniper Fury released one day earlier

Author: dunhila

Category: News

Graphical fidelity on mobile devices has been pushed to the limit.

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The long awaited Sniper Fury game was released earlier today on all mobile platforms. Officially the application was supposed to debut tomorrow on December 3rd. This isn’t the first time an early release has happened for Gameloft. Among the interesting features for the game are the great new graphical improvements. It offers anamorphic lens flares, dense foliage rendering for the jungle locations, a great weather system which introduces snowstorms.

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(Protecting the hostages)

The game is free to play and offers IAP (in-app purchases). The download sizes differs for devices. For instance, on a Ipad Mini 4 it is approximately 700 megabytes, while on an LG G4 the size is reduced to around 500 megabytes. The game offers four distinctive locations to wage war and different sniper and assault rifles. Along with that weapon customization is an actual thing. Over 130+ missions to get you blood pumping and satisfy your sniping needs. PVP base attacking for those of you who feel extra competitive. Look forward to my review in the end of the week!

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(One less helicopter pilot in the world)

Below are some pictures taken personally from me while enjoying the game:

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(Early introduction to sniping mechanics)

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(Armored vehicle gets destroyed)

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              (Thermal image of a ramp agent)

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Sniper Fury Review

author: dunhila

Visual fidelity just doesn’t matter for this title. That is a huge problem since it is all that it offers.

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