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The Rivers of Alice

is a classic-style, emotional, graphic adventure set in a universe of puzzles and characters from the imagination of vetusta morla. read more


The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version - Let's Play

Author: Veronika

Category: Video

We got the opportunity to show you another let's play video. This time showing a puzzle adventure The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version which was released just one day ago on Steam.

greatthegregory started his journey through the fascinating water colored world. Your main task is to help little girl Alice with fears of her everyday life. Some of us were trying to help Greg during his live stream because the puzzles are often not just a piece of cake but really challenging riddles.

The Rivers of Alice

The Rivers of Alice

The Rivers of Alice

The Rivers of Alice

If you missed the live stream, no worries. The gameplay is uploaded on our channel and you can still watch the adventure.

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