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Valhalla Hills

is a building strategy game in the tradition of games like The Settlers or “Cultures” created by Funatics Software. read more


Valhalla Hills - Gameplay

Author: Veronika

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Valhalla Hills - Gameplay - check out new gameplay video

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Valhalla Hills, a new building strategy game set in the landscape of Valhalla, home for the dead Norse gods and goddesses. You play as Leko, one of Odin’s sons. You need to earn honour to prove to Odin that you’re a worthy son. And you do it with the help of Vikings through building, fighting and so on.

Valhalla Hills - Gameplay

Valhalla Hills - Gameplay

Valhalla Hills - Gameplay

Valhalla Hills - Gameplay

The mastermind and lead developer of this game is no lesser than Thomas Häuser, the head of „The Settlers 2“ and one of creatives and main programmer of the popular “Cultures”. Thomas is simply the number one classical build-up game. Check the playthrough of Valhalla Hills from greatthegregory and see for yourself.

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Review of the game Valhalla Hills. Great viking strategy with some unique features. Watch some gameplay here too while yur' at it!

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