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The Birdcage

Music album that is presented as a video game. Imagine a great music video you can fully control and immerse yourself in, while the events and the environment are in a... read more


The Birdcage - news and gameplay video

Author: Stirius

Category: News

The Birdcage - some news and gameplay video recorded by a family trying the game for the first time. Check it up!

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This interesting game was Greenlit a month ago and only three days ago on September 4th the developers released a demo for all 15$+ backers. You can still donate and get the game at the Patreon site. Or you can try and simply contact The Birdcage Team and ask them for the demo. You can get it if you are willing to record yourself while playing the game. Which could be interesting even for you :-).

Below you can watch one family playing the game. It's just a demo so there are bugs but the reactions are real and authentic :-).

I am in touch with Capricia Productions and of course will try to ask them some questions about the game development and hopefully get some nice information which would give the fans more details and uncover the story how the game and the whole idea came up and now is becoming real.

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The last information for now is the announced time of release. The game should be released in Q3 2016. So there is still enough time to make it perfect and write great songs!

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