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Phoning Home

is an exploration survival game with a main character like no other - ION, a small but versatile little robot. read more


Phoning Home - getting Greenlit soon?

Author: Stirius

Category: News

Phoning Home is an indie game with fantastic robot which will of course remind you of E.T. or Wall-E. Which is not bad at all and the graphics and music in the trailer is simply fantastic.

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Yesterday Phoning Home has crossed the Top 100 threshold and sat at #55 which will be today surely even better. If you have not seen the trailer then do it now because the animations and in general the atmosphere is really wonderful!

From the update posted on Steam you can get better idea how the robot looks like, what is his history and see some pictures from the harsh or sunny environment. Pictures are posted also below.

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If you like the idea of travelling with lonely robot on an unknown planet, discovering new places, new craftable items and later take care of two robots then visit Steam and Vote to make it Greenlit and support the developer.

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