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ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved - video with co-creators

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

ARK: Survival Evolved - video with co-creators and chat about the future updates.

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PC GAMER was playing one hour together with two guys from Studio Wildcard. It's mostly a senseless running and moving around and talk about the game and current situation but at least there are some interesting news.

For example that all the bugs and unfinished things will get balanced and finished. Some of the players could be unhappy with the way how it will be solved but it will get the developers attention.

Also breeding and dinosaurs genetics will come in the game later this summer.

The map will be enlarged with more biomes, caves and more. They are not planning to do all of these works just by modders. 

Support for server admins is coming early next week.

Dinosaurs armours could be implemented in the future, the studio is able to do so but right now they have no clear plans at the moment. 

And what's really worth noticing is the fact that the game sold over one million copies just in one month! This income must surely give the Studio Wildcard more than enough funds to develop the game faster and better and get it released without any doubts. 

Below you can watch the video from PC GAMER. In the end if you haven't got an RPG in your hands yet then you have the possibility to see it in action because they are playing with these toys and killing dinosaurs and structures around.

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